House of Skulltula

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In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 スタルチュラハウス
France Française Maison des Skulltulas
Spain Español Casa Skulltula
Germany Deutsch Haus der Skulltula
Italy Italiana Casa delle Aracnule

The House of Skulltula is a location in Ocarina of Time. It is a house in Kakariko Village, owned by the Cursed Rich Family. It is now an almost completely empty house, with only a chair and a couple of boxes remaining.

The Cursed Rich Family was transformed into Skulltulas due to their greed. They can still talk, but they look like Skulltulas and therefore cannot leave their house. But the curse can be reversed, if Link gathers the Gold Skulltula Tokens that are scattered around Hyrule. There are 100 in total and the table below details what is awarded for every 10 tokens obtained; Note that once all 100 tokens are obtained, Link can obtain as many Huge Rupees as needed.

Tokens Obtained Reward
  10 Tokens Adult's Wallet
  20 Tokens Stone of Agony
Shard of Agony (3DS Version Only)
  30 Tokens Giant's Wallet
  40 Tokens 10× Bombchu
  50 Tokens Piece of Heart
100 Tokens Huge Rupee (Unlimited)