First Day

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First Day

The First Day is a playable period in Majora's Mask. It is the first of the three days that Link has to prevent the Moon from crashing into Clock Town and destroying Termina, beginning at 6:00 AM and ending at 6:00 AM of the Second Day. Link can return to the beginning of the First Day by playing the Song of Time, but will always begin outside the entrance to the clock tower in South Clock Town, regardless of his previous location.

During this period, citizens are at relative ease and are preparing for the Carnival of Time - while some are concerned by the size of the Moon and will comment on it, most are unconcerned with it and go about their daily lives. The weather is clear and sunny, and Clock Town has a unique, cheerful theme.

First Day

Clock Town

Termina Field

Milk Road

  • Link can prepare for fighting Them by shooting at balloons with Romani.
  • At 2 AM, They appear and Link must shoot them so they do not come near the cows or Romani. If Link fails to do this, they will take the cows and Romani will be kidnapped for a short period of time.



Great Bay



  • Majora's Mask does not begin with the "First Day", but with Link on Epona when they first encounter Skull Kid. The "First Day" begins when Link leaves the Clock Tower for the first time.