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"The center piece of the carnival is the clock tower, and on the eve of all festivals the doors to its roof are opened. From atop the tower roof, a ceremony to call the gods is held, and an ancient song is sung."

The Clock Tower is a location from Majora's Mask. It is built in the very center of Clock Town. This place is Link's first impression of Termina. At night, there is a beam of light that is shot out of the Clock Tower, making it not only a clock for the whole town, but also a form of a lighthouse. The Clock Tower is also the spot from where the Four Giants parted to the four regions of Termina.

Majora's Mask

During the beginning of the game, Link meets the Happy Mask Salesman inside the tower, who agrees to turn him from back from a Deku Scrub to a Hylian, but only if he retrieves Majora's Mask.[1][2] The Happy Mask Salesman claims to Link that he is very busy and therefore must leave within three days, conveniently this also the time when the Moon is due to fall.[3] Link must stop the moon from falling, all within 72 hours. If Link fails to save Termina within the 72 hour period the moon finally crashes down on the land, destroying everything below it.

Link must wait until the clock strikes midnight on the Final Day to traverse up to the top of the Tower. It is here where he meets the Skull Kid wearing the powerful Majora's Mask. Deku Link must fire bubbles at the Skull Kid to make him drop the Ocarina of Time, Link can then play the Song of Time, as Princess Zelda's request, to reset time and return to the First Day.[4][5] Link once again meets the Happy Mask Salesman who sees that Link now has the Ocarina and thus teaches him the Song of Healing.[6] This magical song has the ability to free Link from his Deku form and houses it within the Deku Mask.[7] However, due to Link not returning Majora's Mask, as was the Salesman's request, he becomes angry at the young hero and vows he returns the ancient Mask, claiming it houses an incredibly dark power.[8][9]

The Clock Tower serves as somewhat of a 'starting point' in the game. When Link plays the Song of Time and returns to the dawn of the First Day, he exits from the bottom of the tower. The Clock Tower is also where the Happy Mask Salesman awaits for Link's return with his precious item, the Majora's Mask.

Carnival of Time

Main article: Carnival of Time

The Clock Tower is where the Carnival of Time is held on an annual basis in Termina. This Carnival is said to pay homage to the Four Giants who once protected the land; in celebration it has become a custom to wear masks on the day of the carnival.[10] On the eve of the fourth day, the countdown starts ticking down to midnight, which is when the Carnival begins. When the clock strikes midnight the upper entrance opens and fireworks burst out from within the Tower.



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