Music Box House

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Music Box House

The Music Box House is a location in Majora's Mask. It is situated on the top valley of Ikana Canyon. The village surrounding the house has become an abandoned wasteland filled with the undead Gibdos. Within the grounds of the house reside two of the only notable living beings of the canyon, Pamela and her father.[1] Running beside the house is a waterwheel that powers the large music speakers atop the roof. The waterwheel usually collects water from the small river running through the valley, but due to the recent drought, the waterwheel is unable to function.


Link has to tactically sneak into the house by waiting for Pamela to leave the door unguarded. However, she only leaves briefly to check on the well.[2] To the east of the house Link can find the Spring Water Cave, where the cursed conductor Sharp resides. After Link has learned the Song of Storms from Sharp's brother, Flat,[3] he can play it within the cave. This lifts the curse off Sharp and restoring the flow of water in the process.[4] With the water now running through the valley, the waterwheel starts to power the house's speakers atop the roof. The speakers start to play a song named "Farewell to Gibdos", which results in the Gibdos sinking into the ground thus clearing the canyon of the undead.[5]

Inside, Link comes upon a large closet and within he finds what seems to be a mummified man. This is in fact Pamela's Father, who has been cursed from a recent visit to Beneath the Well. Link can play the Song of Healing to lift the curse, and in the process Link obtains the remains of the curse within the Gibdo Mask. This mask gifts Link the ability to converse with the undead.[6]



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