Stone Tower Temple

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The Stone Tower Temple is the fourth dungeon in Majora's Mask. It features several challenging new puzzles and harder versions of older ones. It has the unique mechanic of flipping the temple upside down to progress. Once Link defeats the mini-boss, the Garo Master, he must go back to the entrance to the temple and flip the entire temple over. Once he has done this, he revisits many of the locations he had been to previously, but they are upside down. This dungeon is located in the Ikana Canyon region in the east of Termina. Link must first climb up Stone Tower to reach the entrance to the dungeon.


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Subtitled "Giant Masked Insect", Twinmold is a pair of giant, flying, serpentine invertebrates closely resembling Moldorms or Molgera from The Wind Waker. The duo float around the desert and stone ruins. They can be defeated by wearing the Giant's Mask and slashing at their heads or tails, or by shooting their heads with Light Arrows.