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Ikana Canyon is a location found in Majora's Mask. It is the main and largest area within the region of Ikana. The entrance to Ikana Canyon is situated within the easternmost section of Termina and can only be accessed with Epona. The canyon itself is divided into two main sections: the lower river, which contains Sakon's Hideout, and the main village. Ikana Canyon used to house the great Kingdom of Ikana, a once thriving civilization, but over time, the Kingdom has greatly diminished. The canyon is now somewhat of a barren wasteland housing regretful spirits and the undead.[1]


Link must obtain the Garo's Mask and speak to the strange figure atop of the canyon cliff. The strange figure is known as the Poe Collector, and he allows Link access to the upper section of the canyon via a small tree that Link can Hookshot up to. Link soon realizes that the main section of the canyon is deserted, and the only beings that reside there are undead Gibdos. The only notable inhabitants of the village are Pamela and her father, who reside within the Music Box House. Link can sneak into the house and play the Song of Healing to lift the Gibdo curse set on Pamela's Father. This grants Link the Gibdo Mask, which allows him to talk to the undead.[2]

To the eastern section of the canyon lies the Spring Water Cave, which has been the cause of the recent drought in the canyon. Link must restore the flow of water by playing the Song of Storms to the cursed Poe, Sharp. Flat, Sharp's brother, tells Link that his brother is cursed as he sold his soul to the devil, thus the reason for his evil actions.[3] Once the flow of water is restored, it provides power to the Music Box House. With the waterwheel now spinning, a song begins to play from the house called "Farewell to Gibdos". This magical song causes the undead to sink into the ground, therefore freeing the canyon from evil.[4]

Link can later travel Beneath the Well, where he obtains the Mirror Shield. This powerful item allows Link to pass through the Ancient Castle of Ikana, to the north of the canyon. Here, Link encounters Igos du Ikana, who teaches him the Elegy of Emptiness, which allows Link to traverse up the treacherous Stone Tower.[5] The mountainous accent up Stone Tower later leads into the fourth dungeon in the game, the Stone Tower Temple.

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