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The Woodfall Region is one of four notable regions that appear in Majora's Mask. The region itself lies south of Clock Town and is accessed through Termina Field. This location is host to one of the major races within the game, the Deku Scrubs. The Monkeys also inhabit this region. The landscape itself is largely swamp and forest, but due to the menacing work of the Skull Kid, the swamp's waters have turned poisonous.

Woodfall is the first region Link visits in Termina on his quest to revive the Four Giants. Once Link has returned himself to his Hylian form, he is able to access Termina Field. At first, the only accessible area is Woodfall, to the south. Upon entering, Link notices the troubles with the poisonous swamp and he has to find access to the temple hidden deep within the swamp and rid the evil within.


Southern Swamp

Main article: Southern Swamp

This is the main area situated within Woodfall and it surrounds the mountain located deep within the swamp. The waters of the swamp have turned poisonous due to the work of Majora's Mask. This has in turn caused many problems within the region itself such as the Big Octos blocking several paths further into the swamp.

Swamp Tourist Center

Main article: Swamp Tourist Center

The Swamp Tourist Center is one of the first notable locations Link encounters while navigating Woodfall. It is owned by Swamp Tourist Center Guide, who runs a Pictograph competition. The center also hosts boat tours around the swamp, which are run by Koume. However, Link must revive Koume before being able to use the boat tours service.

Magic Hags' Potion Shop

Main article: Magic Hags' Potion Shop

This Potion Shop lies in the beginning section of the Southern Swamp, to the west of the Swamp Tourist Center. It is run by two sisters, Koume and Kotake. Kotake sells Potions while her sister works in the Swamp Tourist Center. Link can purchase a variety of Potions including; Red Potions, Green Potions and the more expensive Blue Potions.

Woods of Mystery

Main article: Woods of Mystery

This area is vastly similar to the Lost Woods from Ocarina of Time. It is located within the vicinity of the Magic Hags' Potion Shop. Link is guided through here by a Monkey. Link then finds an injured Koume, who he then must return to Kotake who hands the hero a Red Potion. When revived, Koume returns to her previous job running boat tours through the swamp.

Deku Palace

Main article: Deku Palace

This is the primary home of the Deku Scrubs and is heavily guarded by Deku Guards. Link is able to access this area after reviving Koume, as now he is able to take a boat tour leading deeper into the swamp. Here, Link is greeted by another Monkey who tells of his friend, who is imprisoned inside the Deku King's Chamber. It is here where Link learns the Sonata of Awakening and where he must return the Deku Princess.

Swamp Spider House

Main article: Swamp Spider House

This is too located in the deeper area of the swamp. To access the Spider House, Link must burn the spider web that blocks the entrance. This is one of two Spider Houses in the game and in this specific one, Link must find and obtain thirty Golden Skulltulas. After finding all thirty, Link is rewarded with the Mask of Truth.

Woodfall Location

Main article: Woodfall (Location)

Similarly named to the entire region, the location of Woodfall is the large swamp-filled crater located at the top of the Mountain that lies deep within the Southern Swamp. The area is largely filled with poisonous water, making it very dangerous to navigate. Link must enter here via the Woodfall Shortcut and once he has traversed through the many platforms, he reaches the Deku Altar. Link plays the Sonata of Awakening here to summon the cursed Woodfall Temple.

Woodfall Temple

Main article: Woodfall Temple

After summoning the temple, Link must navigate through these cursed grounds. Within this dungeon, Link can obtain the Hero's Bow, which can be later used to clear the path blocking the entrance to the Snowhead region. After defeating Odolwa, Link is able to revive one of the Four Giants, as well as purifying the swamp's waters.