Southern Swamp

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The Southern Swamp is a murky wetland explored in the southern region of Woodfall in Majora's Mask. Accessed by the Road to Southern Swamp, the Southern Swamp is the largest landmark in Woodfall, being overlooked by the summit of the similarly named Woodfall. This area is mainly home to the Deku Scrubs who reside within the Deku Palace. The swamp is also home to the Monkeys of Termina as well as the Twin sorcerers, Twinrova.


Link first enters the swamp when he is tasked with reviving one of the Four Giants. Due to the menacing work of the Skull Kid, the swamps waters have turned poisonous. Due to this inconvenience, Link cannot traverse the waters. However, putting on the Deku Mask allows Link to swiftly hop across the poisonous swamp, from lily pad to lily pad. Link is unable to access the deeper confines of the swamp due to the Big Octo that blocks the path.

Link alternatively takes a left into the Woods of Mystery, where Link can rescue Koume. Now saved, Koume returns to her role in the Swamp Tourist Center. Koume runs a boat tour here, which allows Link to safely cross the swamp as the boat takes out the Big Octo, revealing the deeper section of the swamp. This new area of the swamp contains the Deku Palace.

After talking to the Monkey, Link takes a shortcut over the swamp and on to Woodfall. This is where Link first meets Kaepora Gaebora, the owl from Ocarina of Time. Here, he teaches Link the Song of Soaring. Link follows the path eventually leading to the Woodfall Crater, where the young hero can find the Woodfall Temple.

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