Deku Shrine

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Deku Shrine
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The Deku Shrine is a location from Majora's Mask. It is situated towards the deeper section of the Southern Swamp, which lies in the region of Woodfall.[1] The Shrine is more specifically located to the western side of the Deku Palace, which can be crossed via several lily pads. This is also the location of a mini-game, ran by the Deku Butler.


After clearing the Woodfall Temple and upon defeating Odolwa, Link is now able to save the Deku Princess.[2] After reuniting her with the her father, the Deku King, she is mad at him for imprisoning her friend, the Monkey.[3] She, as a thanks to the hero, tells him of a reward that is located in the Deku Shrine.[4] This area is only accessible once Link has cleared the Woodfall Temple, as now the Big Octo that blocked the entrance is gone due to the purified swamp waters. To access the Shrine Deku Link must hop over the waters to reach several lily pads that lead to the entrance. When entering, Link is greeted by the Deku Butler who thanks Link and leads him through the puzzling labyrinth.[5]

Mini Game

This mini-game involves Link following the Butler through the puzzling Shrine. However, in order to reach the end of the Shrine Link must keep up with the pace of the Butler.[6] If the hero fails to do so, either by falling to far behind or by falling down a trap, the mini-game ends and Link has to try again. The Shrine is full of narrow corners that contain many alternate routes as well as a few traps, there are also open sections containing platforms and puzzles. If Link manages to keep up with the Butler he is rewarded with the Mask of Scents.[7] A useful tactic in this mini-game is for Link to use the Bunny Hood, alternatively Link can also use the Deku Mask, as these masks improve Link's speed.



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