Doggy Racetrack

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Doggy Racetrack

The Doggy Racetrack is a location featured in Majora's Mask. Specifically, the racetrack is situated within the northwest section of Romani Ranch. The track is home to the warmhearted and welcoming Mamamu Yan and her many racing dogs. This location is also home to a Mini-Game, where Link can bet his Rupees on a specific dog in a race.


When Link first enters the racetrack, he meets Mamamu Yan. She tells him that he can bet on a dog in an upcoming race. If his chosen dog finishes third, fourth, or fifth, then the young hero earns his Rupees back. However, if his chosen dog finishes above third, then he is gifted with a surplus of Rupees. Finishing second doubles the amount that Link originally bet while finishing first triples the amount. If Link wins 150 Rupees in a row without losing, then his efforts are rewarded with a Piece of Heart. This can be achieved in one race by betting 50 Rupees and coming in first place, or by betting 80 Rupees and coming in second.

The bet can be considerably easier for Link if he has the Mask of Truth. Donning the mask and picking up a specific dog allows him to read the animal's thoughts. Dog's thoughts all start with the phrases: "Ruff", "Rrr-Ruff!", or "Hoo-whine.". Dogs with "Ruff" thoughts will generally finish near the front, those with "Rrr-Ruff!" near the center, and those with "Hoo-whine." trailing near the end. Exact placement is random with two exceptions. If the dog with golden fur has any "Ruff" thought, and the Mask of Truth has been used to read it, it will almost always get first place, though it is still possible for it to place sixth place or lower, so caution should be exercised in betting. The golden dog will also tend to keep having "Ruff" thoughts after it has had one once, and it has been read with the Mask of Truth, until the area is left. The dog with black fur will always lose very badly, possibly even being lapped, no matter what it is thinking.