Pirates' Cove

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Pirates' Cove
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Pirates' Cove





Pirates' Cove is a location from Majora's Mask

Majora's Mask

Pirates' Cove is situated to the easternmost section of the Great Bay Coast. The Pirates' Cove is a huge barrier that separates the Great Bay Coast from the Pirates' Fortress, mostly used to keep entrants from infiltrating the Fortress. Since Link cannot enter through this area it serves little purpose in the game; however, Link can enter the fortress through a hidden passage to the east side of the cove.

Link first comes upon this area when searching for the seven Zora Eggs, which are said to have been stolen by the Gerudos.[1] However, it is clear that Link cannot access the Fortress as there is a large gate used to keep intruders out.[2] Link can alternatively use the Zora Mask and go to the eastern section of the cove where he can find a small wooden blockade underwater. After bashing into the blockade a couple of times it breaks, meaning Link can entrance into the outer grounds of the Fortress.

If Link is captured by a member of the Gerudo tribe, he is thrown out of the Fortress, near the entrance to the Pirates' Cove. The lone Zora who is found by the entrance also shared the same fate as Link, and he claims that he was there to admire the women.[3]




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