Woodfall Shortcut

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Woodfall Shortcut

Woodfall Shortcut is a location that appears in Majora's Mask. It is located within the region of Woodfall and is accessed through a secret passage in the Deku Palace. This location serves as the connection between the Palace and the separate location of Woodfall. The shortcut is situated above the Southern Swamp and the mountain leading up to Woodfall.


After speaking to the Monkey, who has been falsely accused of kidnapping the Deku Princess, he tells Link about a secret passage leading to the Woodfall Temple. The Monkey also states that the Princess had been captured when they went to investigate the temple and it's up to the hero to save her. Link puts on his Deku Mask and uses the Deku Flower to fly up to the entrance. He then comes out to the Southern Swamp, only this time he has to traverse flower-like platforms using his Deku abilities.

The platforms over the swamp lead up to the edge of the mountain, where Link encounters Kaepora Gaebora for the first time in the game. He tells Link of a song, called the Song of Soaring. This gives Link the ability to warp to any Owl Statue he has activated. Upon further traversing up the mountain cliff, Link eventually reaches the area of Woodfall. This area is filled with poisonous swamp water and it's also the location of the Woodfall Temple.