Goron Powder Keg Shop

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Goron Powder Keg Shop

The Goron Powder Keg Shop is a shop in Majora's Mask. The shop is located in a cave within the Goron Village to the northwestern section. It is owned by Medigoron. At first, the entrance to this shop is blocked by a wall of solid ice that Link can only get through by melting the ice with a Fire Arrow.


After Link has obtained the Fire Arrows from Snowhead Temple, he can return to the Goron Village and melt the ice blocking the entrance. This allows Link to access the shop. Inside, Link can speak to the large Goron, who only serves Link while he is Goron Link.[1]

Before being allowed to purchase and use Powder Kegs, Link must undertake a test. In the test, Link must use a Powder Keg to destroy a boulder blocking the Goron Racetrack.[2][3] During this test, Link is timed, as the fuse on the Powder Keg is limited.[4] If Link manages to accomplish the task, the young hero is then given the Powder Keg certification. This certification allows Goron Link to purchase from the Powder Keg Shop, and he is given the first one for free.[5] Link can only hold one Powder Keg at a time.[6] The Powder Kegs cost 100 Rupees, or 20 Rupees in the 3DS version, each within this specific shop.[7]. Alternatively, Link can go to the Bomb Shop in Clock Town and pay half the price.[8][9]

The Goron Powder Keg is the only way to access Romani Ranch before the Final Day.



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