Pinnacle Rock

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Pinnacle Rock
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Reaching the centre requires following a Lost Woods-style maze with a Seahorse's help








Pinnacle Rock is a location found in the region of Great Bay in Majora's Mask. The location itself is situated far off into the north of Great Bay Coast. The path leading to Pinnacle Rock is very hazy due to the murky waters within the region, making it difficult to navigate through.[1] Within the grounds of Pinnacle Rock lie the underwater lair in which the treacherous Deep Pythons reside.


Link must successfully navigate to this location in order to retrieve three out of the seven Zora Eggs, which he must return to the Professor at the Marine Research Lab. However, the waters that lead to Pinnacle Rock cannot be navigated by Link alone. If Link shows a photo of a Gerudo Pirate to the Fisherman in the Great Bay Coast, he rewards the young hero with the Seahorse, a gold-colored fish who is eager to get to the waters near the Pinnacle Rock to find his friend.[2][3]

With the help of the Seahorse, Link can successfully navigate the murky waters, providing he follows the Seahorse's lead.[4] If Link doesn't follow the trail, he gets lost within the misty waters and has to start over at the entrance.[5] When Link reaches the center of the rocks, he finds himself in a giant depth. Deep Pythons dwell here, and Link must navigate his way past them in order to find the three Zora Eggs at the back of the small caverns.[6][7] If Link reunites the Seahorse with his friend who is lost within the depths, he is rewarded with a Piece of Heart.[8]



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