Haunted Wasteland

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Haunted Wasteland
In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 幻影の砂漠
France Française Désert Hanté
Spain Español Desierto Encantado
Germany Deutsch Gespensterwüste
Italy Italiana Deserto Stregato

"If you chase a mirage, the desert will swallow you. Only one path is true!"

— Sign near the wasteland

The Haunted Wasteland is a location in Ocarina of Time.

Link must traverse through the desert to enter the Desert Colossus and the Spirit Temple. Link only needs to cross it once, because once he makes it to the Spirit Temple, Sheik teaches him the Requiem of Spirit, which allows Link to instantly warp to the Triforce Pedestal outside the Temple.

Entering the wasteland requires the Gerudo Membership Card or Token, acquired in the Gerudo's Fortress, and the Longshot or Hover Boots to cross the River of Sand. To cross the desert, Link must follow the flagpoles that lead to a small shelter. On the shelter, Link can use the Lens of Truth to reveal the Phantom Guide who will guide Link the remaining way to the Desert Colossus.