Fire Temple (Ocarina of Time)

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The Fire Temple is the fifth Dungeon in the game Ocarina of Time. Link discovers its existence from a Goron bearing his name - Darunia's son, Link the Goron.[1][2] It is located within the Death Mountain Crater and Link must wear the Goron Tunic to prevent death from heat. While exploring the dungeon, other than defeating the boss of the temple, Volvagia, and preventing it from destroying Hyrule, Link also has another task ahead of him. In the seven years that Link had been sealed in the Sacred Realm, Ganondorf had taken all the Gorons and locked them in jail cells inside the dungeon, awaiting to feed them to Volvagia. Each Goron has a key to a room in the dungeon inside its cage along with himself. Halfway through the temple, Link receives the Megaton Hammer, a necessity for defeating Volvagia. The hammer also has some other uses such as activating rusty switches. After Link finishes the temple and the boss, Darunia is awakened as the Sage of Fire and Link receives the Fire Medallion. The song that warps Link to this dungeon is the Bolero of Fire.

Master Quest

The Master Quest version of the Fire Temple is much harder than its regular counterpart, featuring many more puzzles, time challenges, and invisible walls. A wider array of items including the Hookshot and Din's Fire is necessary as well. New enemies include several Stalfos, Lizalfos (found in the boulder room) and even an Iron Knuckle. There are fewer Gorons to rescue this time around.


  1. "Everybody was taken to the Fire Temple... While my dad was out... Ganondorf's followers came and took them all away! All of them will be eaten by Volvagia! Dad said that Ganondorf has revived Volvagia... As a warning to those who might oppose him, Ganondorf is going to feed them all to Volvagia! Dad went to the Fire Temple all by himself to try to save everyone... Please help, Link! I'll give you this heat-resistant tunic!" — Link the Goron, Ocarina of Time.
  2. "Dad told me not to let anybody follow him to the temple, but... Only you, Link, can save everyone! I'm sure that the shop owner, who is hiding somewhere right now, will also help you! Now, I'll tell you about the secret passage to the Fire Temple!" — Link the Goron, Ocarina of Time.