Fire Medallion

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"You received the Fire Medallion! Darunia awakens as a Sage and adds his power to yours!"

— N/A

The Fire Medallion is the third of the six Medallions Link will receive in Ocarina of Time. He gets this Medallion after completing the Fire Temple. Once Link defeats Volvagia and frees all of the Gorons within the Fire Temple, the Sage of Fire, Darunia, will awaken and will tell Link that he is thankful for his help. [1] Afterwards, he will award Link with the long-awaited Fire Medallion which has the "power of the fire spirits". Darunia considers the Fire Medallion as a token of his friendship with Link.[2] After Link gets the Fire Medallion, he will proceed to obtain the fourth medallion, the Water Medallion.


  1. " By the way, I, the wild Darunia, turned out to be the great Sage of Fire... Isn't that funny, Brother? Well, this must be what they call destiny. Nothing has made me happier than helping you seal the evil here!" — Darunia, Ocarina of Time.
  2. "Hey, Brother, take this! This is a Medallion that contains the power of the fire spirits--and my friendship." — Darunia, Ocarina of Time.