Shadow Temple

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This article is about the dungeon from Ocarina of Time. For the dungeon from A Link Between Worlds, see Dark Palace.

The Shadow Temple is the seventh dungeon in Ocarina of Time. Along with the mini-dungeon Bottom of the Well, it is considered one of the scariest dungeons, considering it is filled with invisible enemies, guillotines, scythes, etc. Before attempting this dungeon, Link must first travel back in time into the Bottom of the Well and retrieve the Lens of Truth. The Lens of Truth is an item that reveals items or objects that are invisible to the naked human eye, and is extremely helpful in this dungeon.

Early on in the dungeon, Link faces Dead Hand, and when defeated he receives the Hover Boots; another type of boots that has special effects and is necessary to complete the game. After Link defeats the boss of this dungeon, Bongo Bongo, he travels to the Chamber of the Sages where he meets Impa, the newly awakened sage of Shadow. She adds her power to his and gives him the Shadow Medallion. The song used to warp to this dungeon is the Nocturne of Shadow.