Dark Palace (A Link Between Worlds)

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Dark Palace









Gulley's Painting
Heart Container



In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 闇の神殿 (Temple of Darkness)
France Française Palais des Ténèbres (Palace of Darkness)
Spain Español Templo de las Sombras (Shadow Temple)
Germany Deutsch Palast der Dunkelheit (Palace of Darkness)
Italy Italiana Santuario dell'Ombra (Shadow Sanctuary)

The Dark Palace is a dungeon in A Link Between Worlds. It can be completed anytime after Link reaches Lorule. The Bombs must be obtained from Ravio in order to enter the dungeon. Both the Bombs and the Lamp are needed in order to complete it. Link must travel through the dungeon in order to obtain Gulley's Painting.

Gaining Entrance

The Dark Palace is located deep within the Dark Ruins along the eastern border of Lorule. The Dark Ruins are patrolled by a group of fallen Lorulean Soldiers who will imprison Link if they find him.

Link must avoid the Soldiers' red sensors by merging onto certain walls where he cannot be seen. After safely navigating through the pathway, Link can then use a bomb to open the dungeon entrance and head inside.

Dungeon Overview

As its name implies, the Dark Palace is barely lit. Every room in the Palace is completely dark, and light can only be found by using the Lamp to light sparsely found torches. Many of the dungeon's puzzles involve using the darkness to Link's advantage; when certain rooms are dark, arrows can be found on walls showing Link where to go next. Invisible platforms are also plentiful in the dungeon and can only be seen when the room is completely dark.

One of the main puzzles of the dungeon involves bringing rays of light inside rooms to shine of four specific eyeballs, eventually opening the boss door. This is one of the main uses of the dungeon item, the Bombs. Aside from blowing up certain wooden planks, the Bombs can also be used to blow up certain crystal switches at specific times.

Almost every room in the dungeon features a tiled head along the walls that looks like the dungeon boss. While these heads are often for decoration, they are also used to signify areas where the wall will rotate, allowing Link access to certain rooms or new areas.

Link can also find a Master Ore hidden in a special room of the dungeon.


These are enemies you will encounter in the Dark Palace.


The Mini-Boss of this dungeon is a group of three Goriyas. There are two Green Goriyas and one Red Goriya located on a higher platform. Link must move around the room in order to drop the Goriyas through the hole in the middle of the room, bringing them down to his level. He can then use the sword to attack the Green Goriyas, and the Bombs to attack the Red Goriyas.


The Boss of this dungeon is the Gemasaur King. This boss will slowly walk around the room, attacking every now and then by shooting shards of stone. To attack it, Link must throw Bombs at its face to break the shell on its head. This will happen much more quickly if Link possesses the Nice Bomb upgrade.

After completing the first phase, the monster will turn out the light and rapidly dart around the room, heavily damaging Link if he does not merge into the walls. Link must light the two torches in the northwest and southeast corners to slow the beast down. He can then attack the red diamond its head. After a few hits the boss will be defeated.