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Eye Switch
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The Eye Switch is a recurring dungeon mechanic in The Legend of Zelda series. These switches consist of a single eye surrounded by a diamond box. Eye Switches are activated by firing Arrows into their eyes. Some Eye Switches allow for a second arrow to be fired into a closed eye to de-activate the switch.


Traditional Eye Switch

  • This is the most commonly found form of Eye Switches. Activating it requires an arrow fired into the eye.

Frozen Eye Switch

  • This form of the Eye Switch consists of a chunk of ice covering the switch, preventing typical arrows from activating it. Fire of some form must be used to melt the switch, which is enough to activate it as well.

Flaming Eye Switch

  • The Fire Eye Switch at first glance appears gray with the eyelid closed. However, when approached, it opens up releasing fire of a varying duration. The only way to disable this switch is to fire an arrow into the eye when the switch releases flames.
  • This switch does not act as a real switch. Firing or destroying into it will do nothing.