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The Zelda Dungeon Wiki is an extension of Zelda Dungeon's content pages. This project is designed to replace many of the standard content pages that are already available at the site with more in-depth articles and information about each aspect of the Zelda universe.

Previously used as a tool for hired content writers to prepare pages to be published on the site, the wiki became the hub of Skyward Sword activity in April 2011 as information about the game began to trickle out. Shortly after the game's release, it was decided that most content for it, and eventually for all games, should be hosted on the wiki, allowing for community contributions.

With wiki-based content, anyone can easily help to improve Zelda Dungeon's coverage of Zelda information. This reduces the strain on dedicated content writers and fosters more thorough and detailed content. In addition to articles about things found within the games, the wiki hosts many resources, including publications, interviews, text dumps, and much more. Walkthroughs and select guides remain authored solely by dedicated staff and hosted on their own pages outside the wiki.