Welcome to our Tri Force Heroes Walkthrough, a complete guide covering the entirety of Tri Force Heroes for the Nintendo 3DS. At this time this guide covers the main quest of game, but will eventually be a complete Triforce Heroes Walkthrough. The game released on October 23rd for North America and Europe.

Tri Force Heroes presents a different challenge whether you are playing the game cooperatively with two other friends, or if you are playing by yourself. Many of the boss battles are challenging in single player, but cooperatively can be much simpler. For the purpose of this guide, we are tackling the game in single player mode. When there are differences worth noting, they will be mentioned throughout the guide.

Primary Walkthrough

Chapter 1 – Woodlands

Chapter 2 – Riverside

Chapter 3 – Volcano

Chapter 4 – Ice Cavern

Chapter 5 – Fortress

Chapter 6 – The Dunes

Chapter 7 – The Ruins

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