6.1 Infinity Dunes

~ Stage 1 ~

Drop down below and grab the three items. Use the water rod to get all three heroes back up and progress through the sand. It’s important not to stand in one spot in the sand for more than a second or two, as you will sink down below. Walk northward and you’ll find more rapidly moving sand. Use the water rod to get across the gap.

Further northward you will find a floor switch along with two sand piles, one on a tall pillar. Toss a hero up to the higher pillar and use the water rod to get rid of the sand. Step on all three switches and a bridge will appear. Run across the bridge and enter the gateway.

~ Stage 2 ~

This stage consists of an enemy gauntlet, taking on Leevers, like-likes, and a Vulture. Use the water rod on the sand pile at the west end of the stage to find a bomb flower, which can in turn be used to defeat the like-likes. The water rod or just gar can be used to stun the remainder of the enemies. Once all the enemies have been defeated, head northward and step into the gateway.

~ Stage 3 ~

Walk to the left side of the area and use the water rod on the sand pile that has a leaf sticking out. This will create a platform that you can ride up to the higher ledge. You’ll find another similar platform here, so go ahead and use the water rod once again. Take these two platforms to get all three heroes to the highest part of the stage.

Use the gust jar to send the hero with the water rod and a second hero across the gap to the right. Use the water rod on the pile of sand to reveal a bomb flower. Now use the gust jar to blow the bomb flower back to the left. Use the hero over there to grab the bomb and quickly toss it southward so that it hits the nearby orb.

You now need to get all three heroes to the platform with the bomb flower. Do this by blowing the water rod hero back to the left. Then use the water rod on the sand to create a platform. Toss the hero with the gust jar to the platform on the right. Have the hero with the water rod fall down, just to the right of the sand. Here he can use the water rod on a sand pile with a leaf, creating a flower platform. Ride it northward to get back to the area with the bomb flowers.

Use the gust jar to send two heroes across the gap to the right. There is a second orb at the far right of this stage. Position the hero with the water rod so he is just to the left of the sand and facing to the right, ready to create a water platform. Position the hero that is still on the left so that he is right next to the bomb flower, ready to blow it across the gap to the right. Position the third hero so that he will catch the bomb flower once it is blown. With everybody set, blow up the bomb flower and then quickly switch to the hero with the water rod to create the water platform. Have the hero with the bomb walk over to the water and toss the bomb at the crystal orb. With both orbs now hit, the gateway is open.

Before heading to the gateway, if you fall down the sand river on the right side, you will come to a treasure chest that contains a silver rupee.

~ Stage 4 ~

Drop down to the lower area and you’ll encounter an enemy Hokkubokku. These sand creatures consist of three spheres that make up their body. You can smack the lower layer and it will go spinning around the stage. The goal is to hit the hokkubokku in the head. You can totem up and slash away right away. Alternatively, I like to use the water rod as it will stun the enemy. This will allow you to get rid of its body and also get a few slashes in. Be careful as you don’t want to slash at him while standing on the sand, as you will sink down below.

After killing the initial hokkubokku three more will appear. I recommend stunning them first and hitting them while on top of some water. With three of them on the same screen, their body parts can ricochet off the walls and do some serious damage. After defeating the enemies, step into the gateway at the north end of the stage.

6.2 Stone Corridors

~ Stage 1 ~

Use the gust jar on the giant pile of sand to reveal a statue. Lift the statue and toss it in place at the top-right part of the area. Step on the other three floor switches to create a bridge.

There is an endless amount of enemies that appear in the sand, so don’t bother battling with them. At the north end of the stage you will find another statue and you will need to carry it eastward. Avoid the enemies and you’ll come to a large gap. Use the gust jar to shoot the statue over to the right side of the stage. Use a combination of the gust jar and the boomerang to get all three heroes to the right.

You will find a pyramid that has three floor switches, along with a spot for the statue at the top of the pyramid. Toss heroes and the statue upward, so that the statue can be put in place and the three heroes are each stepping on the floor switches. With everything pressed down, the gate will open, revealing the gateway.

~ Stage 2 ~

Totem up three stories high with the gripshot hero at the top. Latch onto the fence to the north to get to the other side. Grip over to the statue on the right and then step on the floor switch, causing a nearby staircase to appear. This will also trigger a bunch of arrows to be shot towards you. Toss the statue so that it is in front of the arrows and then use the gust jar to move the statue eastward, creating a path for the heroes to run.

After all three heroes have moved past the arrows, pickup the statue and carry it southward. Here you will find some rolling spikes. You can run right past this first spike. The second rolling spike is a bit more difficult to avoid. You can use the statue to stop the spike from rolling across the entire area. Place it down and blow it around with the gust jar, allowing all three heroes to advance to the left.

When it is safe carry the statue to the left, and then use totems to toss it higher up. Put the statue onto the pedestal and then have each hero step on a floor switch. Step into the gateway to advance to the next stage.

~ Stage 3 ~

This is probably one of the most frustrating single player experiences in the entire game. It requires you to balance the weight on balance beams, which can be done significantly easier when playing in multiplayer mode. Furthermore, if you are on a balance beam and all three heroes fall it will take away a full three hearts of damage.

Totem up and run across the first gap to find a statue. On the second balance beam, there is no space to run across the middle. You’ll have to use the two sides. The statue is basically the same weight as a hero, so if one is on each side, the platform will balance. On one side if you have a hero carrying the statue, and the other side have two heroes totemed up you will be perfectly balance. Walk across and then quickly step onto the platform.

The next platform has a red square in the middle. I would recommend lifting the statue with a hero, and then full totem up. You can toss one of the heroes onto the red square, and then toss the remaining hero and statue to the north end of the area. Have them walk northward and stay in the center of the platform. Bring the two remaining heroes together using the boomerang or grip shot. Slowly cross the platform, balancing the two links on each side.

Balance the Links and the statues so they are on the left and right. Toss one the Links over, as well as the statue at the same time, keeping the next platform balanced. Move the remaining two heroes to the center and totem up, keeping the hero with the gripshot below. Toss the hero over to one side, and then quickly use the grip shot on the other side to keep things balanced. Make sure you grip to a hero or statue that isn’t right at the edge, otherwise you’ll fall down into the abyss. Totem up and move all three heroes and the statue north to the safe platform.

Pickup the statue and have the other two heroes totem up. Walk onto the platform and balance left and right, so that the statue is on the left. Walk to the north end of the platform and inch the statue to the left, keeping the platform balance. Toss the statue onto its proper pedestal and then quickly switch to the other totem, to make sure they don’t fall off. Run to the safe zone and finally enter the gateway.

~ Stage 4 ~

Here you will encounter the Vulture Vizier. This giant bird will perch on one of the sides of the stage. In order to hit the vulture, have two of the heroes totem up and stand on the opposite side, but not too close to the edge. Then have the third hero that has the boomerang run over to the side with the vulture. Keep the totem Links somewhat close to the center so that the platform balances out. When you get a chance, hit the vulture with a boomerang shot to stun it, and then follow up with a number of sword slashes.

Repeat this same process until the Vulture starts flying about. It will drop a stone statue on the platform, making it a bit more difficult to balance the weight. Try to get the stone statue to fall off the ledge to avoid it getting in your way. Also be careful as the Vulture will occasionally smack the cage, causing things to go haywire for a moment.

After enough hits the vulture will start going crazy and will jump onto the center platform. Bring all the heroes close to the center and deliver sword slashes until the enemy has been defeated.

6.3 Gibdo Mausoleum

~ Stage 1 ~

Grab all three items and a small key will appear. Unfortunately, a Karat Crab will quickly snag it and will carry it around the room beneath one of the sand dunes. You will need to use the gust jar to get rid of the sand around the crab. These crabs are pesky and will run away when you come near. Use the fire gloves to stun the sand dune, and allowing you to use the gust jar. Grab the key and head to the gateway.

~ Stage 2 ~

This room consists of an enemy gauntlet of Stalfos, Morths, Stalropes, and Fire Keeleons. Avoid standing on the sand and keep slashing away at the enemies. The stalropes can be quite annoying, but just keeping moving around and switch between heroes if needed. You’ll need to totem up to defeat the fire keeleons. Lastly, the Stalfos will hop around the area. You can either use two heroes, or just quickly change direction each time it jumps over you. Defeat all the enemies and enter the gateway.

~ Stage 3 ~

At the start of the room you will see a torch. This is trying to tell you to use your fire gloves, which is what you’ll need to progress through the level. Shoot the fire gloves northward and the flames will temporarily illuminate the invisible platforms. Even if they are not illuminated, you can still walk on them. Make your way northward, using the fire gloves to guide your path. Watch out for the fire keeleon along the way, and if you do get burned switch to another hero right away to prevent yourself from taking damage. Keep heading northward to reach the gateway.

~ Stage 4 ~

You’ll encounter a traditional Zelda enemy here in the form of a Gibdo. Use your fire gloves or gripshot to remove the bandages of these mummified enemies, turning them into regular stalfos. The battles with the stalfos are then just as they were before. If you try to strike them near the ledges, they may even leap of the ledges themselves. Finish off all the enemies to complete the level.

6.4 Desert Temple

~ Stage 1 ~

Grab the hammer and smack the nearby stakes so that the other heroes can grab their weapons. Step onto the floor switch and the door will open. Here you will play a little game of whack-a-mole. Once the creature pops out its head, stun it with the boomerang and then smack it with your hammer.

The next room has three enemies, and there are a lot more locations where it can pop out. The strategy is still the same; stun it with the boomerang and then deliver a hammer strike. Watch out as the last remaining mole will electrify.

~ Stage 2 ~

In this next area you will fight a number of stalfos. Fortunately they are even easier now as a single smash with the hammer will do them in. Hammering the floor right next to a stalfos will also stun it momentarily.

~ Stage 3 ~

Step onto the platform and you can use your hammer to tilt the platform to the left or right, allowing you reach higher and lower targets. Tilt the platform so it is lower on the right and then use the boomerang to smack the orb. Now tilt the platform so it is higher on the right. Toss heroes over to the platform and use the boomerang to pull the third hero over.

Defeat the fire keese here with your boomerang and then step onto the ground switch with all three heroes. Step onto the moving platform and then move over to the area on the left so you won’t get hit by fire. When the next moving platform comes by quickly run over to it and stay on the right side, avoiding another flame.

You will find three crystal orbs here, and you’ll need to adjust the platform in order to hit them. First, lower the right side and then hit the lower orb with the boomerang. Then fully totem up and hit the crystal orb on the left. Smack the platform with the hammer twice to raise the right side. Once again totem up and hit the third and final orb, causing a nearby platform to appear.

Hit the nearby orb to cause all the platforms to flip right side up. Step onto the fire platform and smack it with the hammer so it is higher up on the right. Toss a hero up to the right and repeat this same process. There are four platforms in all and you need to get them all going diagonally upward, creating a large ramp.

~ Stage 4 ~

The boss of the Desert Temple is a giant stalfos known as Stalchampion. If you try to strike the boss from the front, he will always deflect your attacks. Have the three heroes stand at different parts of the circular platform. The key is once Stalchampion attacks, switch to a hero that is behind him and slash at the bosses backside.

After you hit Stalchampion once it will start jumping all around the platform. Hit it with your a sword second time and it will come crashing to the floor. Now use one the heroes with the hammer to smash at the boss’s heart, while avoiding the spiked ball that will be rolling around.

When Stalchampion reawakens it will slam into the center of the platform, creating a ripple that has quite a large radius. Run off into the sand area to avoid taking damage. Repeat this same process until the head of Stalchampion has come off.

During this phase, you want to use the hero with the boomerang. However, the spiked ball and the Stalchampions head move rapidly around the room, so switching between heroes is a good safety technique. When the head comes close, it will drop down to the ground level and you can deliver a boomerang strike to stun it. Slash away at the head to deal some damage. Repeat this process until the Stalchampion has been defeated.