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The Link's Awakening Photographs are twelve pictures that can be found in the DX remake of Link's Awakening. They are part of an optional sidequest in which the Photographer takes pictures of Link's journey. Each photo must be obtained by performing certain actions, and some can only be taken during specific events. After being taken, they are placed in a photo album, entitled The Travels of Link, [1], which can be found in the Camera Shop.

List of photographs

First photograph

When Link first meets the Photographer he asks to take a picture of Link. [2] Only one from "Here Stands A Brave Man" and "Game Over" can be received each save file.

Here Stands A Brave Man

LA P 001.png

Location: Camera Shop

If he selects yes, then he will take a picture of Link smiling, calling it "Here Stands a Brave Man". [3]

Game Over

LA P 002.png

Location: Camera Shop

If he says no, then he takes a photo of Link looking stunned, which is entitled "Game Over". [4]


LA P 003.png

Location: Toronbo Shores

Once Link tells Marin about the Walrus blocking the path to Yarna Desert, she follows him. [5] If the pair heads to the small cliff overlooking the sea in the southeast of the Toronbo Shores area, Marin and Link pause together, with Marin commenting on the fact that this is their first walk together. [6] She says that the cliff can be their secret place. [7] The Photographer takes this picture and leave, saying that he will go develop the photo. [8] This picture is unavailable after Marin sings for the Walrus, because she will no longer follow Link.

Heads Up!

LA P 004.png

Location: Mabe Village

If Link jumps into the Mabe Village well near the entrance to the Mysterious Woods, the Photographer will be waiting at the bottom and takes a picture when Marin lands on Link. [9] [10] This picture is unavailable once Marin stops following Link.

Say "Mushroom!"

LA P 005.png

Location: Mabe Village

Link and Marin can go and stand in front of the weathercock depicting the Flying Rooster for another photo. However, Tarin arrives and squeezes in between them. [11] [12] This picture is unavailable after Marin stops following Link.

Link Discovers Ulrira's Secret!

LA P 006.png

Location: Mabe Village

At any time, Link can walk up to the window outside of Old Man Ulrira's House and peer inside. The Photographer takes a picture of Ulrira talking on the phone. [13]

Link Plays With Bow-Wow!

LA P 007.png

Location: Mabe Village

There is a Chain Chomp named BowWow chained outside of Madam MeowMeow's House of who the Photographer wants to take a picture. [14] He requests that Link moves closer to BowWow, but as he gets nearer and nearer, BowWow becomes more agitated. [15] Finally, BowWow lunges at Link just as the picture is taken.

Are you proud of yourself?

LA P 008.png

Location: Town Tool Shop

If Link decides to steal from Mabe Village's shop, the Photographer takes a picture of him.

Be more careful next time!

LA P 009.png

Location: Under the Bridge

After Link returns the Fishing Hook to the Fisherman under the bridge in Martha's Bay, the Photographer appears, swimming the water beneath the boat. If Link speaks to the Fisherman, he attempts to catch a fish, but he gets the Photographer instead. [16] He asks the Photographer to take a picture of them, but Link accidentally pushes him off into the water. [17] [18]

I Found Zora!

LA P 010.png

Location: Animal Village

In the northeastern house of Animal Village, Link can find a Secret Zora that can only be seen with the Magnifying Lens. [19] The Photographer takes a picture of them, and the Zora mentions the Secret Goriya in a cave on Toronbo Shores. [20][21]

I've Just Decided to Wait at Home

LA P 011.png

Location: Kanalet Castle Gate

While collecting the Golden Leaves, Link can walk up to the Kanalet Castle's closed gate to find the Photographer there. [22] Richard appears and asks Link how his search is going. [23] Richard then asks the Photographer to take a picture of the two of them. [24] He then tells Link that he is not afraid, but he decided to wait at home. [25] This photo is unavailable after opening the gate via a switch inside the castle.

I Was Very Afraid

LA P 012.png

Location: Koholint Prairie

This picture is available after Link brings the Ghost back to his grave in Koholint Prairie. If Link visits the grave afterward, the Photographer takes this. [26]

Close Call

LA P 013.png

Location: Tal Tal Mountain Range

While Link is crossing a bridge in the Tal Tal Mountain Range, the Photographer tries to take a picture, but he accidentally backs off the cliff and takes it while he is falling. [27]



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