Toronbo Shores

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Toronbo Shores is an area found to the south of Koholint Island in Link's Awakening. It mainly consists of the beach beside the ocean, containing water-reliant enemies such as Sea Urchins and Sand Crabs. Marin first finds Link washed upon these shores.


After being caught in a storm at sea, Link washes up on Toronbo Shores of Koholint Island.[1] Marin finds him and takes him back to Mabe Village.[2] When Link awakens, he returns to Toronbo Shores to retrieve his Sword.[3] This is where Link first meets the Owl and starts his adventure.[4]


Points of Interest

Sale's House o' Bananas

Main article: Sale's House o' Bananas

Sale lives in the north of Toronbo Shores. He trades Link the Bananas for the Dog Food during the Link's Awakening Trading Sequence.[5][6][7]

Goriya's Cave

Once Link obtains the Magnifying Lens, he can see the Secret Goriya that lives in a cave in Toronbo Shores. He gives Link the Boomerang in exchange for one of his items.[8][9]


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