Seashell Mansion

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Seashell Mansion

The Seashell Mansion is one of the many areas on the island of Koholint in Link's Awakening. It can be found just north of Catfish's Maw in the northeast of Ukuku Prairie. It is here Link can acquire the Koholint Sword, a more powerful version of his original sword. It can be obtained when Link finds 20 of the 26 (40 out of 50 in the Switch remake) Secret Seashells scattered across Koholint Island.

The mansion is a very empty place, with a bar on the right side indicating how many seashells Link has collected. In the original game it is completely silent, but in the DX version, the Spirit of the Mansion asks Link to find all of the seashells, and a message will inform Link if he has not collected enough of them.[1][2] Once Link has the required number of seashells, the sword appears in a burst of lightning.

Outside of the mansion, there are two Talking Trees that will give Link advice to bomb hollow walls.[3]



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