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Tail Cave is the first dungeon featured in Link's Awakening. The dungeon is located just south of Mabe Village in the South of the Village region.[1]

Finding the Entrance

In order to gain the entrance to Tail Cave, Link will need to acquire the Tail Key found in the Mysterious Forest.[2] After finding his sword at Toronbo Shores, Link will be guided to the forest north of Mabe Village by the mysterious owl.[3]

Upon arriving at the Mysterious Forest, the owl once again appears and asks Link if he has been to Tail Cave. The owl will then explain that once Link gains the key from the forest, he should go to Tail Cave and use the key there.[1] After curing the curse on Tarin with the newly received Magic Powder, Link can then head deeper into the forest to find a treasure chest containing the Tail Key. Before taking the key, the owl flies down and tells Link to retrieve the instrument from Tail Cave.[4]

Heading south of Mabe Village, Link finds a nearby sign heading passers-by east to the entrance of Tail Cave.[5] Once finding Tail Cave, Link must use the Tail Key on the key hole, causing the gate to rise.

Dungeon Overview


Rolling Bones

Main article: Rolling Bones

Along with the Spiked Roller, Rolling Bones will be found near the end of the dungeon. Rolling Bones will try to harm Link by moving the Spiking Roller towards him. Jumping over it with the dungeon item, Link must use his sword to defeat Rolling Bones.


Main article: Moldorm

Moldorm is a slithering, segmented worm-like nightmare that will try to ram into Link so he falls into the surrounding pits. Being careful, simple slashes with the sword can defeat Moldorm. Once Link has defeated Moldorm, he is rewarded with a Heart Container and the first Instrument of the Sirens, the Full Moon Cello.



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