Eagle's Tower

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Eagle's Tower

Eagle's Tower is the seventh Dungeon in Link's Awakening. It is the location of the Organ of Evening Calm.


The dungeon itself consists of 4 floors, each floor progressively getting smaller as Link rises in the tower. Upon entering the dungeon, most of the upper floors aren't accessible, due to the floor being raised too high to enter. To combat this, Link must locate a steel or iron ball that he must throw at four pillars in the surrounding area. The pillars are holding up the higher floors, and upon breaking them, a cut scene plays showing the tower lowering, giving Link access to the upper floors. The boss of the dungeon is the Evil Eagle, and the mini-boss of the dungeon is the Grim Creeper. The main item of the dungeon is the Mirror Shield, and, while not used in that dungeon, it is necessary to enter the final dungeon, Turtle Rock.

Enemies and Traps