Grim Creeper

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Grim Creeper
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1-2 Heart.png Big Keese

Grim Creeper is a mini-boss in Link's Awakening. Link fights him on the top floor of Eagle's Tower, in the eastern part of the dungeon.


First Encounter

When Link first enters the area, the doors close and then the Grim Creeper, located on a raised platform at the back of the room, taunts him, calling him a runt.[1] The battle begins with Grim Creeper sending out six Big Keese. They appear in a formation before diving at Link. The Grim Creeper will continue to call bats that will appear in different formations until Link kills all six of them. Once he does so, the Grim Creeper is horrified, calling the Big Keese his "brothers", and he quickly leaves the room and leaves a portal, vowing to never forget Link.[2] In the next room, Link can push two blocks to the side in order to reveal a Treasure Chest that contains the Nightmare Key.

Second Encounter

Later, the Grim Creeper appears on the top of Eagle's Tower. He rides on the Evil Eagle and attacks Link, shouting that he won't hold back.[3] Once Link defeats the Evil Eagle, his final words are lamenting over his defeat and telling Link that everything on the island will disappear once the Wind Fish is awakened, because it is actually just a dream.[4] A Heart Container then appears, and Link can head back down into the tower to obtain the Organ of Evening Calm.



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