Breath of the Wild Walkthrough – Vah Ruta Dungeon

This is a very puzzle heavy dungeon, but it also has a very difficult boss. I highly suggest coming into this dungeon prepared. You should have at least a few heart container upgrades, some food to eat, and have acquired some armor upgrades, as well as powerful weapons, as they will be needed for the dungeon boss.

5.1 Dungeon Map

Once you begin the dungeon run ahead and you’ll see some dark sludge known as Malice on the ground along with a Glowing Eye. This malice is found all throughout the dungeon and whenever there is an eye nearby, you must defeat it to clear the sludge. You can use a bomb, sword, or an arrow to accomplish this task. Defeat the Glowing Eye that is ahead so he doesn’t get in your way.

Our first objective is to get the dungeon map and it is located behind the shut gate here. First off, look into the water below and you’ll see a treasure chest. Use Magnesis to pull it out and get an Ancient Spring.

On the other side of the water, if you look just beneath the water along the wall you will see another Glowing Eye. Use a bow to defeat the eye to clear the corruption from the door. The door is still shut, but you can use Cryonis to create an ice block to lift the gate. Run forward and place the Sheikah Slate into the pedestal to get the Dungeon Map. This is a 3-dimensional dungeon map, and the five terminals that we will have to activate are all labeled accordingly. It is very easy to miss this, but right after getting the map, a text box pops up, indicating that you can manipulate certain aspects of the Divine Beast from the map screen. This means that at any point you can remotely control the very dungeon itself, changing the height that the trunk is raised to. This will be used multiple times throughout the dungeon.

5.2 First Terminal

The first Terminal can be activated right here in this first room of the dungeon. Coming out of the dungeon map room, if you look at the left wall, you’ll see a series of gears on the wall. There is a lever that is sticking out. Stand in front of it and then use Magnesis to control it. Spin it around and it will raise the nearby platform, revealing a Sheikah Slate pedestal. Run on over and place the slate in the pedestal to activate the first terminal.

5.3 Second Terminal

Walk to the outside part of the dungeon (opposite from the entrance) and then climb the long ramp to get to the second level. Once you arrive you’ll see a massive gear and some water spouting out, causing the gear to move. Before doing anything with the puzzle, there is a nearby treasure chest for us to grab. Walk forward to the water and use Cryonis to create an ice block so that it is near the higher ledge on the left. Climb the ice block, jump to the ledge, and then run over to the treasure chest to get a silver rupee.

Now turn your attention to the water that is shooting out. You want to use Cryonis directly on top of the source of the water in order to block the water that is shooting out. However, you want to time it for when the terminal that is inside the massive gear is nearly at the bottom, so that you can run over and activate it. Do just that to active the second terminal.

5.4 Third Terminal

On the second level of the dungeon, you’ll see a large ball and it looks like some sort of Stasis puzzle. It actually is, but we need to get higher up to complete it. Get to the other side of the water and head back to the outside portion of the dungeon. As you scale this area, there is more corruption blocking your pathway. If you look higher up, you will see the Glowing Eye that is associated with this corruption. Use an arrow or a bomb to blast it away and then progress up to the third floor.

We need to rotate the entire structure in order to solve this puzzle. It’s a bit cryptic and if you missed the one line of text, you might be really confused on what to do. If you look at the dungeon map in the inventory screen, you’ll see that you can actually manipulate the elephant’s trunk. Since it is shooting water out of its trunk, depending on how it is arranged, the water will cause some of the gears in this room to rotate, or in some cases, change the direction of rotation. Note that in addition, the buttons to actually perform the action can be a bit confusing. Pay very close attention to the on-screen instructions, and move the trunk to the fourth setting from the top.

This will cause the large gear to start moving. When the large sphere is at the top of the gear, it will move down, hitting the switch and causing the gate to open up. What you want to do is wait until the ball is on the right side, just before it’s about to fall to the outer ledge. Use Stasis on the ball and it will freeze it in time. The gear will continue to rotate, but the ball will still be pushing the switch, causing the gate to stay open.

You should be able to jump into the open gate and then place the Sheikah Skate into the pedestal to activate the third terminal. If you make it in time, the gate will stay open even after Stasis wears off.

There is also a treasure chest in this area and the same idea can be used to get it. It is being squeezed together by two platforms. As the gear is rotating, just before both platforms and the treasure chest are about shift to the inside, use Stasis on the outer platform. The bottom platform and the treasure chest will drop, so quickly run over and open the treasure chest before the top platform falls.

5.5 Fourth Terminal

Drop back down to the second level and stand right between the two gears. Manipulate the map and choose the option that is third from the top. This will cause the trunk to spill water over the large gear, and it will allow you to jump on top of it. Jump onto the large moving gear and allow it to carry you over up to the higher area of the dungeon that we have to be in. There is an enemy guardian here, so be sure to to defeat so it doesn’t bother you. There is also a nearby floor switch and pressing it causes a waterfall to appear. You can now use this waterfall to quickly swim up to this higher ledge if you fall down.

Run towards the trunk of the elephant and then manipulate the map so the trunk is horizontal. Run over and you’ll find a Glowing Eye that is blocking your path. Shoot it with an arrow and then open the treasure chest that is nearby to get an Ancient Shaft.

This next part is a tad bit tricky. What you want to do is basically climb up to the ledge that is just above the treasure chest. Then, adjust the map so that the elephant’s trunk is completely vertical. As the trunk is changing direction, Link will move higher and higher, but the platform becomes less stable as it is no longer flat. At the last moment, leap off the ledge and then use your Paraglider to fly over and land on top of the elephant.

Here you will find a small square hole that you can drop down into. You’ll appear back inside the elephant, but still at a higher lever than we previously were at. If you look at the wall, you will see a gear, but it is covered in malice. There is a Glowing Eye on one of the sides, so go ahead and shoot it with an arrow or destroy it with a bomb. Then use Magnesis to turn the lever, causing the flames from the floor below to subside. Drop down and activate the fourth terminal.

5.6 Fifth Terminal

The final terminal is located at the tip of the trunk of the elephant. You want to do almost the exact same thing that we did for the previous terminal. Extend the trunk, walk over to the treasure chest, turn the trunk vertical, and then use the Paraglider to get on top of the elephant. Also, there is a treasure chest at the very top of the level. On one side there is some corruption, and if you defeat the eye, the treasure chest on the other side can be reached to get some ]Ice Arrows.

While you are on top of the level. Extend the trunk once again so that it is horizontal. Then leap off the top of the elephant and use the Paraglider to fly over to the very edge of the trunk. As you draw near, it’s a good idea to change it so that instead of it being at its lowest point, choose the second or third lowest option, so that the platform is flatter.

The terminal is actually on the side and you still can’t quite reach it. Drop down to the side, as there is a part of the platform that sticks out, preventing you from falling over. One last time, change the formation of the elephant and choose the option third from the top. This will cause the platform to be flat enough, allowing you to place the Sheikah Slate into the pedestal and activating the fifth terminal.

5.7 Waterblight Ganon

You can now start the Main Control Unit, located right near the entrance of the dungeon. On the lowest floor, climb down the steps and go and activate the Main Control Unit. This will trigger the start of the boss battle with the Scourge of Divine Beast Vah Ruta: Waterblight Ganon. Before entering the battle, I highly recommend to have a ton of arrows, otherwise this can be quite a challenging fight.

During the first phase of the battle, Waterblight Ganon will wield a massive spear and will attack you with it. The most risk-reward method of battling him is to wait for him to attack and then try to time a Perfect Dodge it by hopping away at the last second, followed by a Flurry Rush where you can deliver a number of attacks in a short period of time. The much safer route is to keep your distance and use projectiles such as arrows, or even just tossing your weapons out at Waterblight Ganon.

After Waterblight Ganon has lost half his health, this will trigger the second phase of the battle. The room will flood with water and only four platforms remain. Waterblight Ganon will create a block of ice and shoot it towards you. The block can be disintegrated by using the Cryonis ability, so be sure to keep that handy, or frozen with Stasis. As the battle progresses, Waterblight Ganon will begin to shoot three ice blocks out at a time, and then five ice blocks. These can be quite damaging, so be sure to have Cryonis readily available.

After you get rid of the ice blocks, there is an opening where you can shoot Waterblight Ganon with an arrow. After successfully hitting him, Waterblight Ganon will move to a different platform. It is best to just stay put, unless he moves to the platform close enough to where you are standing. Arrows with an elemental effect, such as Ice or Electric, will often stun him long enough for you to get over and wail on him. Just repeat this process over and over until his health comes down. Occasionally Waterblight Ganon will use his spear to attack, at which point, just do your best to avoid it. If you can time a Perfect Dodge, this is another opportunity to get in a load of damage.

If you do run out of arrows, then Perfect Dodges are about your only method of dealing damage. You can also freeze one of his ice blocks with Stasis, and then hit it back at him. You can damage him with bombs, but it is hard to get close to him. You can use Cryonis to create ice blocks, but Waterblight Ganon’s ice attacks will cause the ice blocks to break. Keep hitting him until he has finally been defeated.

  • JoShadow

    No tips and tricks for the boss?

  • Stephen Jurnack

    Beat him not 30 seconds ago – its a tough fight for this early in the game, and took me quite a few deaths to get it down.

    Phase 1: Aim for the head with arrows – any will do. Two head shots and you get some time to get hits in. I used a spear type weapon – the charge attack does significant damage, and you get reach for a few extra hits in. Stay far away from the spear swipe attack. As for the spear throw, spring perpendicularly to the boss and hope he doesn’t hit you.

    Phase 2: Aim for the head some more. Try not to let the boss use his abilities – headshots should interrupt them. I was able to survive in that way – the ice blocks and laser never had a chance to really kill me.

    Good luck! It took me a while to beat this guy, but it will happen eventually!

  • stoffe123321

    i exited the dungeon and now i cant get back, what do i do?

  • The Ecraftian

    I share this problem. What do I need to do?

  • Shade’s Embrace

    Once you exit a dungeon, you can never re-enter. It’s a shame, but all the treasure is gone for good once you beat it. Even things like Heart Containers.

  • moi123

    their is a travel point, you just have too zoom in the map. I had the same problem

  • Ty Pendergrass

    I’m trying to get the forth terminal and I turn the gear and the fire won’t go out. Anybody else have this problem.

  • Guest

    yes! i just passed this great divine and had the same problem. you’ll have to adjust the great divine’s trunk until the water is right over the fire, then just walk right to it. keep the water on it, it won’t do you any damage.

  • Ty Pendergrass


  • I have added some tips for now. Still a work in progress. (I had trouble fighting him my first time as I had no arrows).

    I have yet to find a good strategy for the second phase without arrows. I ended up just leaving this boss and coming back to fight him much later in my quest.

  • You can exit the dungeon and come back whenever.

    However, once you actually complete the dungeon, you cannot reenter it.

  • Joseph Earl Lawson

    You can also use Stasis on the ice block and hit it back at him for a good chunk of damage.
    You know Gabon loves ping pong after all

  • Thortok

    I love how they add all kinds of variations in this game. I would never have thought of this lol.

  • marcus palm

    i just beat this guy with the simple Lynel weapon set and 20 shock arrows
    thats all it took
    the lynel bow did die at 10% of its health left but that wasnt a problem as i had a knight bow with me
    but yea you wanna knock him out with shock arrows
    wallop em with your lynel sword
    then dodge out when he wakes up
    if done properly hel be at 50% after 2 downs
    after that its just a simple matter of wailling on him with your shock arrows
    as theyl do the trick just fine
    even when he spawns ice blocks
    if you can shoot him in the face before his atk starts
    then hel flinch and fall down

  • Vegas82

    Bomb arrows are the key to this fight. I had five and then 20 shock arrows left. Hit him in the eye with the shock arrows, wreck him up close. Second phase use the bomb arrows to wreck him once you get to 5 ice blocks. Easy.

  • DragonT

    to get on the trunk, you just have to extend the trunk horizontally, and glide from the base of the trunk to the tip

  • Thortok

    I don’t have bomb arrows yet. Where are you getting them?

  • Mintendo

    Another tip for the first part of the boss fight is to use the Cryonis ability to create an ice block between you and the boss. If he tries to attack you stand behind the block so that he hits it, which causes his weapon to break.

  • Charlie

    Could anybody help me, my problem is for the boss phase two, I only have one bow and it breaks while fighting leaving me with the bombs method to fight him… I would like to get out and farm bows to complete the fight, but the thing is that once I leave the “temple” I can’t get back.. there is no portal or way to get back into Ruta, at least not that I found. Anybody knows how to get back in once you leave? I would really appreciate the help.

  • Thortok

    You can teleport back in if you leave. I haven’t personally verified this since I didn’t leave but I hear the teleport mark requires zooming all the way in to select correctly.

  • Eddie Anderson

    Here’s your answer. Cause I’m at where you’re at….. I figured out the easy and SMART way to beat this boss if you
    run out of arrows… or hell, probably WITHOUT any arrows!!! Just use
    statis and freeze the first ice block that comes at you when it gets to
    you of the five…. then the other ice blocks coming in from behind will
    crash into that one and break…. the first block you froze will still
    be in statis mode and WON’T break from incoming ice blocks…. hit the
    heck out of it…. THIS IS A COOL BETTER WAY to beat him. Yay!!! 🙂
    Oh yeah and when you fight him with his blocks coming at you… don’t
    stand by the two closest blocks close to him…. go to the corner of the
    room so you keep the fight him in one corner and you in the other.
    When the blocks come flying you can jump in the water in the back and
    move so the ice blocks crash on your platform you were on too… 🙂

  • ohiraz

    for the first part, sheild works great to block shockwaves when he pierces down. stand behind him and just bash away. the second part is proving a little difficult esp when he thows his spear

  • Eddie Anderson

    Here’s your answer. I figured out the easy and SMART way to beat this boss if you
    run out of arrows… or hell, probably WITHOUT any arrows!!! Just use
    statis and freeze the first ice block that comes at you when it gets to
    you of the five…. then the other ice blocks coming in from behind will
    crash into that one and break…. the first block you froze will still
    be in statis mode and WON’T break from incoming ice blocks…. hit the
    heck out of it…. THIS IS A COOL BETTER WAY to beat him. Yay!!! 🙂
    Oh yeah and when you fight him with his blocks coming at you… don’t
    stand by a block that’s close to him…. go to the corner of the
    room so you keep the fight him in one corner and you in the other like you on homeplate and him on 2nd base… more room to fight.
    When the blocks come flying you can also jump backwards in the water in the back and
    move so the ice blocks crash on your platform you were on too and they don’t hurt you… :) You’re welcome! Zelda-on!

  • ohrilez

    There is a warp point for Ruta. Frustratingly, it’s right next to the adventure log dot as well. Took me hours to figure that out.

  • Thortok

    If necessary, you can turn off the adventure log dot.

  • Kada

    I found another way to beat Ganon when you run out of health, arrows and weapons and don’t want to risk using Cryosis

    You can kite the Ganon by running to the ramp leading into the room. When he fires ice blocks run to each side of the ramp, blocks will collide with the walls of his room.

    He will despawn if you are far enough up the ramp but his health will remain unchanged. You want to cause Ganon to disappear first. When you swim far enough into the room he will respawn above the last pillar he disappeared from.

    This gives you a chance to run/swim onto a platform and place a bomb. When he respawns detonate the bomb and run back to the ramp. You will have virtually no risk of damage this way.

    Ganon will not appear again until you cross the center of the nearest two platforms.

    Note Gannon appears off center from the platforms so you need to experiment where to throw or drop bombs. To be safe you could throw both bombs in different sides of the platform.

  • Sato

    You can get bomb arrows at the shop in the Tanteno Village or whatever its called, east of Kakariko. ..or maybe it was Kakariko. They are quite hefty though, 350 for a stack of 5.

  • Sato

    For the second phase, just use Stasis on an incoming ice block; it will stop the others from hitting you, and you can in-turn hit it back for some damage.

  • Thortok

    I didn’t visit the shop in Hateno, and in Kakariko it was just normal and flame. Good to know! I’ve actually found a couple in treasure chests in out of the way places since I posted.

  • motaskah

    Here is the easiest way to kill Waterblight Gannon and it should make the entire game a whole lot easier! After dying countless times cause I only had 4 hearts, I then went shrine hunting until i had at least 7 hearts. The good thing about this is i got ancient tech from the guardian robots from the shrines and then went to Hateno tech lab to upgrade my stasis on my sheikah slate. Now here is the thing, they upgrade you to stasis+ which allows you to freeze all enemies! even bosses like waterblight! So all you have to do is stasis+ him and he freezes and you can just shoot arrows at him, then dodge his attack freeze him again and shoot arrows at him and boom. it’s over. From frustrating to super easy. I can’t wait to use stasis+ on everybody and every boss. It’s probably the best tool you can have.

  • Sasha Plisko

    Instead of using Cryosis, you can hit the ice blocks with a sword/weapon.

  • Sasha Plisko

    Awesome. Glad I read this lol thanks

  • Bram

    Shoot the ice blocks with arrows and use stasis on the last one, then hit that one towards waterblight Ganon. Massive damage and ganon will be down for a while, netting you free hits.

  • Wilber Alexander Flores

    god i have been doing side missions because i cant beat this thing with only 4 hearts

  • motaskah

    I just beat fireblight gannon in fucking a minute with stasis+. this thing destroys every weapon. It may make the game a little too easy though.

  • Colm Hayes

    For the 4th terminal it is much easier to get on top of the dungeon if you crouch down and wedge Link behind the treasure chest and then lift the trunk. You will be above where you need to land before you fall off.

  • John Jarnagin

    anybody know if there will be a “Chest” icon next to the beast if you find all the chests? Like the shrines? I’ve looked at multiple sites and seem to have found all the chests listed, but still no icon telling me i found them all….???

  • Thortok

    You’re not able to enter the beast after you complete it. So it wouldn’t matter if you had missed a chest. You would be stuck for the rest of the game as having never gotten that chest. I don’t think the developers would want to torture you like that.

    Also, none of the chests are actually important or count towards completion, etc. For the same reason.

    There’s very few times where a Zelda game will absolutely lock you out of going back to a place again, and when it does, it’s only with the certainty that you definitely didn’t miss anything important.

  • Gregnetic

    I feel like the terminal on the trunk is easier when treated as the 4th terminal, as opposed to the 5th. Run and defeat the corruption, grab the treasure chest, bring the trunk up enough to return to the area you came out from (the area that leads to the trunk). Bring the trunk all the way horizontal, you should have no problem reaching the trunk from the doorway with the paraglider. After activating the terminal on the trunk, proceed to the area with the treasure chest, drop down the square hole. And activate the final terminal.

  • Jey

    I think I got a different version of the “Ganon” fight than everyone else. For me, Ganon calls the 5 ice blocks, easy to destroy, but only once. He then proceeds to laser target me, just like the Guardians, only extremely fast. I can’t figure out how to defeat him. I think I’ve been through 20 fairies and tons of fruits, meats, and cooked food.

  • Thortok

    If you complete the dungeons in a different order, you will get different versions of the boss fights. (Each one will be harder than the one before no matter which order you go in.)

    Can’t vouch personally since I don’t have the same fight you do, but laser beams typically require a Perfect Guard technique to reflect them back.

  • Jey

    It’s my first dungeon! lol I didn’t realize you could do it out of order. I did explore some, but I didn’t go all out. I have 3 maps open right now (I wasn’t paying attention and went right by the tower that Ruta is in.

  • Gregnetic

    He hit me with that laser and I literally hit the inventory button and refilled my health to avoid dying, i then proceeded to end him.

  • Jared Moss

    100% agree with this it feels more like the intended route.

  • Gregnetic

    You can reach the top of the trunk just fine from the doorway you came from.

  • CasualKnickerbocker

    For the 4th terminal, after clearing the corruption and rotating the gear to open the roof door, you forgot to mention that to extinguish the flames you have to once again rotate the elephant trunk so the water falls on the flames. I did it by rotating the trunk a few times between the 4th and 5th options from the top on the beast controls.

  • Fuzunga

    I was actually following this guide and screwed up by landing on the face instead of the top of the head. I glided from there to the tip of the trunk and did that one, then jumped off and glided to the top of the head. It made a lot more sense actually.

  • Fuzunga

    Personally, I find meals that fortify defense to be extremely helpful. Just cook up five ironshrooms to get a major defense boost that lasts 4ish minutes. Those mushrooms are pretty common so make a bunch of them. I find that most attacks, even from bosses, will only do one heart of damage with this boost. If you get more hurt than that, just eat another dish.

  • Thortok

    I can’t count the number of times this has been my strategy. Same with wandering through areas that are too cold, lol.

    Don’t forget to wear armor with better defense, too. If you can’t avoid the damage, you can at least reduce it.

  • stoffe123321

    this^ i didnt see the travel point

  • sinpyro

    For Waterblight Ganon, during Phase 2 I found it was a bit easier to Stasis the Ice blocks he throws at you, whack them with your weapon a lot, and send them flying back to him for decent damage and a decent stun giving you an opening to shoot him with shock arrows. For multiple ice blocks, use Cryosis to shatter all but the last one and quickly switch over to Stasis. Repeat until dead.

  • Elliott Marron

    Can i leave the boss fight to go and get better gear and then come back? Or am I stuck here now until I beat it?

  • Thortok

    Yes, in fact this is what Mases did when he was playing through. For teleporting back, you may want to turn off the quest objective marker to make the teleport easier to select.

  • iamserious

    I had the guardian shield fromy defeating a shrine. Helped block the lasers.

  • Pyrexian Commando

    Get some ancient arrows and the ancient spear. With one hit from the ancient arrow, you get a bit of time to hurt him plenty with the spear. The first bit is really easy that way. The last bit where he fires the laser is really hard, if you can’t shoot in time. And eat when you get low on hearts.

  • I just watched serveral youtubers beat him, helped a lot and gave me different ways to do so without getting my ass kicked.

  • Aaron Carpenter

    He did the same to me, I was able to eat food right after I was hit and quickly fire a shock arrow, after that he went back to the ice blocks and I was able to get him down.

  • Aaron Carpenter


  • Larklen

    For the second phase, just stand on the opposite platform of him and when he sends the ice blocks, just jump into the water behind the platform, the platform will break the ice he sends at you and you can jump back u and shoot arrows.

  • Monty

    Btw guys get your writers to check their work. It’s not the gear that makes the flames subside. It’s the trunk spray water. I don’t know what the gear does but it ain’t that. Move the trunk until the spout is directly over the hole you drop in to on that level.

  • Thortok

    I’d like to completely rework this chapter but it would screw up the order of screenshots. It may have to wait for my 2nd playthrough.

  • Isis Nether

    Really wish this guide had warned about his laser beam…

  • Thortok

    Was this your first divine beast boss? If not, then it may be a bit stronger than what the walkthrough has.

  • Darren M Gomes

    I can’t paraglide to the top of the head, always end up just a bit too low to get there, no matter how many times I try.

  • ShadowedRaven

    I found a much easier way to reach the terminal at the trunk tip. I had the trunk up, then adjusted it down, and as it went down, I glided from the opening (where you come out to the trunk) as it went down until I landed at the edge of the tip, and then I adjusted it one by one, walking the surface of the tip as I did, then activated the terminal when it was level, then glided back to the top of it’s back. I found this much easier as I was unable to use the the method you described, I just couldn’t time it right. I hope this helps some people. 🙂

  • Thortok

    Go to the tip of the trunk or as close to it as you can get, raise it up as high as you can, carefully walking around the edge of it as it moves, and you’ll be high enough to get to the head.

  • Thortok

    I did it that way too. However I didn’t take screenshots, so if I was to rewrite this chapter, the screenshots wouldn’t match. It will probably have to wait until 2nd playthrough.

  • Isis Nether

    Yes, it was.

  • Thortok

    Hmm, dunno then. Been awhile since I did him but I don’t recall a laser right off.

  • Isis Nether

    It happened after he summoned water and gave me only four platforms to stand on. I was only using arrows with Lizal Bows which only have 14 Atk (if that’s what it’s called), so maybe you did it faster than me.

    Either way, I was swimming to an adjacent platform and got blasted. The second time I started off with an attack meal and went for headshots and whittled him down a bit faster, but he still charged it up again. I managed to hit him in the head with an arrow, which stunned him and stopped the attack, and I beat him before he could do it again.

    At least I assume it was a laser. The camera was facing away, there was a red laser trained on me, and then there was an explosion. It was pretty much identical to the guardian’s attacks.

  • Thortok

    Could be because most people face him and don’t go swimming around exploring during the boss fight lol. Sounds like the laser is a “get out of the water” mechanic.

  • Isis Nether

    Well, I wasn’t about to stand underneath him. That seemed like a pretty good way to get stabbed in the head with that lance.

  • Darren M Gomes

    I’ve gone up to the top of the trunk, the section over the chest and always land on the face, but I’ll try the moving around bit as well this evening. Thanks!

  • Thortok

    If I remember correctly, the way I did it was to climb over the tip of the trunk so it was actually raised up and pouring water on its back again. Not only does this raise you somewhat higher but it also raises you somewhat closer. You just have to slowly walk around the edge while it’s moving, across the curved edge to what was once a wall becomes a floor, etc.

  • Darren M Gomes

    I did the edge round over to the side of that section above the trunk and was able to paraglide on top of the head. Thanks for that tip, it worked!

  • D.c. Bourbon

    gear opens the roof so the water can fall onto the flames

  • mewmew34

    If someone else hasn’t mentioned it yet, there’s another treasure chest in the general area of the terminal surrounded by flames. Drop down a bit to get towards where you can reach the trunk again, and there’s a chest. I got a Knight’s Halberd out of it.

  • Orangekatt Naito

    At one point during my fight with Waterblight Ganon, in the second phase he shot me with a laser beam. It only happened once, but it did massive damage.

  • Orangekatt Naito

    It happened to me too, and I was standing at one of the platforms at that time, so it’s not just something that happens if you’re in the water.

  • ellejay

    Is there any way to leave the dungeon to go get more arrows?

  • Chris P. Bacon

    Yes. Once you start Ruta you begin near a blue circle on the floor, go to that circle & press “A” to leave. Also, once you get the 3-D map, you can press X to leave too. Then teleport to get back inside Ruta. However, once you beat the boss and talk to the terminal in the room, you can never go inside Ruta again.

  • Chris P. Bacon

    swim up the waterfall, then use paraglider to get it easy

  • matthew martin

    if you go to the gerudo town they sell shock arrows so you dont need to fight the lynel.

  • Michael Moore

    Save your arrows for second/later phases of the fight. Get in close with melee weapons right away – use your strongest sword and wail on him. He’ll go down quickly. If you’re good at Perfect Dodge, you can do that, too, but I found the to be time consuming compared to a quick slash attack right off the bat. I didn’t take much damage and I got him down to half health in the first 20 seconds.

    After that, use your arrows and aim for his eye. You’ll get lucky once or twice and the dude will fall down, whereupon you can slash away at him.

    Using this method worked for me. The laser attack nailed me once, so I had to eat some food, but otherwise it was not a big deal to beat this guy.

  • Skylarfraser

    If have the trunk all the way down You can paraglider from the door way at the base of the trunk and reach the tip and then postion it to the third from the top and walk up it as the trunk moves and get the terminal up there first then drop down to the head to get the last terminal inside there

  • TWF

    It happens whenever. The way to stop it is to shoot him in the eye before he fires.

  • akash bose

    For waterblight ganon if you’re quick enough you can swim around the ice blocks. They get targeted to your platform, so by swimming around you can be pretty safe.

    Not guaranteed method.

  • A Person

    If you have enough health and run out of arrows, you can run right up to him and chip away his health that way. He will try a few shock wave attacks but they cause much less damage than his spear does. For the second stage, he is down for a long enough period of time where you can swim up to him and hit him with your sword until he jumps to a new platform.

    Relatively easy boss fight compared to some of the other Zelda games.

  • S3C7A

    Yes i had the same experience!

  • Matthew James Court

    Noticed that I have 5 hearts and the pictures have 7 at this point of the game, what kind of wizardry is this?

  • Thortok

    Do more shrines.

  • Donna Laurate

    Waterblight Ganon : you can easily avoid his deadly laser beam by hiding in the water just behind a platform. You will see the target stopping on the platform, not on you.
    Then the combination of cryosis/stasis to get him down, and finishing him off with a melee weapon worked really well for me. It took a couple of tries though.
    What a great fight !!

  • bluemoonsyrup

    I avoided fighting the lynel by sneaking around and grabbing arrows of the ground, I did get the sheikah gear upgraded once by the great fairy though 😀

  • bluemoonsyrup

    It’s actually easier to wait until you’ve cleared the last terminal to get the ice arrows, you start much higher up and it’s just a nice float down instead of trying to time a jump perfectly 😀

  • SinnamonRoll

    I mostly defeated him throwing electric arrows at him, I had more than 90, lol.

    It was a very easy dungeon, definitely the first one everyboy should try on. This was my second one, Vah Medoh was the one I tried first (not THAT difficult either)

  • Daniel Desousa

    I smashed the Lynel. Ate some defense buff food, kept my distance, and dodged his rush attacks. Also, use a 1H weapon with shield. SO much easier.

  • DrDjembe Lee

    Hi Gang.
    I’m loving BOTw. Question What is that notification that shows up on screen after you beat Vah Ruta boss every 10 15 minutes? It is a little elephant symbol on screen and zelda says something. Any help would be great! Thanks

  • Thortok

    This is provided by an item in your key items inventory. Examine it there to learn more.

  • DrDjembe Lee

    ok thanks i will

  • liss

    I noticed that before the battle with Waterblight Ganon they already defeated another boss (the one with the lizard beast/whatever it’s called) Was it “easier” in this order to any of you? I’m in Zora’s Domain now and haven’t defeated any possessed divine beast yet :/ Sometimes I feel like skipping these battles and keep finding more shrines. So far I have done 28 of them.

  • Talyla

    If you freed Vah Naboris first, you have Urbosa’s Fury. It only took me 3 or 4 hits of that to defeat Waterblight Ganon. Easiest method.

  • Jaemin Chung

    I’m starting to wonder that too now though I did beat Waterblight Ganon first, and it was fairly easy.

  • Jaemin Chung

    same except without the sheikah gear

  • Brown Rose

    Awesome. Thanks a lot. Beating the Lynel was hard enough. I hope this technique still works as they recently did an update.

  • motaskah

    the lynel is much much harder than gannon so it should be a breeze.

  • Brown Rose

    Really? Well that gives me hope. Best tip I’ve seen so far, thanks!

  • Brown Rose

    The Statsis+ hack worked beautifully. Bonus damage with the shock arrows (extra after the Lynel kill) in the second phase of the fight. Excellent and thanks again. Saved me hours and hours of trouble.

  • motaskah

    your welcome. Happy to help. Stasis+ will also kick fireblight gannon’s ass but not thunderblight gannon. for thunderblight you need to learn to parry. which you will need for the guardians. it should be easy after many hours into the game.

  • Brown Rose

    Ok, this is good to know. Parrying is my weak spot. Last question, how do you beat the guardians, if I may ask. I can’t seem to activate the Akadia tower as they are swarming with flying guardians. Same with the Central tower. Honestly I beat that maze shrine with hubris and luck and it swarming with Guardians.

  • motaskah

    sorry but the answer is also parrying. you need a really high level shield. google hylian shield. parry their beams and they are toast.

  • Brown Rose

    hahaha. I kind of figured. No problems. I’ll keep working at it. I am just happy about that Water Ganon hack. Thanks again man.

  • JiyuuHage

    I did Medoh -> Rudania -> Naboris -> Ruta, with Rivalis Gale the other divine beasts get a lot easier. To make kind of a lore to my self i beat the game in this order: Getting the Master Sword + Opening All memories + Unlocking the whole map -> beat the divine beast -> finishing all shrines -> defeating ganon, it was a very easy that way. After beating the game i am chasing all korok, filling the compendium and making all side quests

  • Zac C.

    Master Sword and maybe 5 well placed arrows to the eye in the latter half of the battle and it was easy goin.
    First “half” took all of maybe 10 seconds. Just bull rushed him immediately and went nuts on him. Ate some defensive and additional heart food to prep, just in case, but only lost 1 heart from one slow as hell ground pound shockwave in retaliation.
    Second part, same idea, just rushed him immediately. Shooting a few times directly below him stuns and knocks him to the ground, where you can unload with the Master Sword again. That left him with just enough life to teleport away and catch a few arrows to the eye while attempting to target me with the big laser attack. Done deal.
    He’s far too slow to be a threat, unless you tackle this boss fight too soon.

  • Zac C.

    I had the same problem, until I realized that the slightly too low position is actually just fine for what you need. Just look back at the trunk from there, lower it back down all the way, and glide to the tip. Knock out the terminal there, raise the trunk back to about the 3rd from the top, and glide down to finish the head. Gets it all in 1 trip up the trunk at that.

  • Zac C.

    He went straight for the laser on me as soon as he got low in health. Take a breath, line up a good shot, and pinpoint that eye. Cancels the laser well before he can fire. Otherwise, jump in the water and you can just barely hide behind whatever platform you’re on. He will slightly target the platform instead and you’ll get to see the back side of an explosion, like a water exploring boss.

  • Zac C.

    This, for sure. Much easier and I find it to be a far faster method anyway.


    the only thing i did wrong is i went to hateno village mid-battle and then i couldnt get back on rutas back


    so i fracked up