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The Dungeon Map is a recurring dungeon item in The Legend of Zelda series. It shows all the rooms in the dungeon and exactly how they connect to each other. Combined with the Compass, which shows the location of all the Treasure Chests, tracking down everything there is to get in a dungeon becomes easy.

Special Appearances

There are a few special appearances of the Dungeon Map that are different from the usual incarnation.

Snowpeak Ruins

In the Snowpeak Ruins of Twilight Princess, the Dungeon Map is not found a Treasure Chest like usual in Twilight Princess. Instead, it is given to Link by Yeta, and it is actually referred to as the Mansion Map. This map has no different uses than that of a normal map.

Skyward Sword

In Skyward Sword, not only does the Dungeon Map show the layout of the dungeon, but it also takes the use of the Compass, and also shows all the Treasure Chests and other notable stuff on the map itself. This is the first game to do this; use the Dungeon Map to do both its and the Compass' job.

Breath of the Wild

See also: Sheikah Slate

In Breath of the Wild, the Dungeon Map is replaced with content that is downloaded to the Sheikah Slate from the Guidance Stone inside the Divine Beast. Downloading the Map also gives Link minor control over the Divine Beast. On the Map there are shown the locations of five terminals, that need to be activated before activating the main control unit of the Divine Beast.



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