Pirate's Bell

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Pirate's Bell
Rusty Bell.png Pirate's Bell.png



Access the Explorer's Crypt

The Pirate's Bell is an item in Oracle of Seasons. It is required to access the Explorer's Crypt. It is given to the Captain in order to set sail to the Graveyard.

How to Get It

Link can depart to the Samasa Desert in the south east portion of Holodrum, and walk to the ship which is two screens right of the starting screen, and talk to the Captain there. Link can then go to the top right corner of the desert, the part with water and pick up the skull with the Power Bracelet. While being held, the skull will react when it's on the spot of quicksand hiding the Rusty Bell. The exact location is somewhat random. Once found, Link can then take it to the Smithy in Subrosia to get it refined into the Pirate's Bell. Link can then take it to the Captain to set sail for the Graveyard.