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Funny Joke





Can be traded for the Touching Book

In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Blague marrante (Funny Joke)
Spain Español Chiste Gracioso (Amusing Joke)
Germany Deutsch Witz (Joke)
Italy Italiana Barzelletta (Joke)

"You learned a Funny Joke! Will you be a big hit?"

— In-Game Description

The Funny Joke is the eighth item of the trading sequence in Oracle of Ages. As its name suggests, it is a fairly big hit.[1][2] It is represented by a ribbon.

The Funny Joke can be obtained from the Comedian within Lynna City in the Present. If Link stops to chat with the Comedian, he tells Link a very bad joke involving chocolate.[3] However, he admits to Link that he needs something to make people laugh, like a fake mustache.[4] Link can then give him the Cheesy Mustache,[5] which the Comedian finds hilarious and, as thanks, teaches Link the funniest joke he knows.[6]

The Funny Joke can be used to acquire the ninth item in the trading sequence, the Touching Book. The Funny Joke is traded to Dekadin, a small boy who lives all alone in a house in Lynna Village in the Past. Dekadin's House is very dark, and when approached, Dekadin welcomes Link to his troubles, telling Link that he's so depressed he just wants to laugh and forgot everything.[7] If Links tells Dekadin the Funny Joke, he says it was so funny he forgot to laugh.[8] He also mentions that thanks to Link, he “can be as depressed as I want to be”, telling Link to take any book on the bookshelf as thanks.[8]



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