Stink Bag

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Stink Bag




Obtained from



Can be traded for the Tasty Meat

In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Sac Puant (Stinky Bag)
Spain Español Bolsa Apestosa (Stinky Bag)
Germany Deutsch Duft-Beutel (Fragrance Bag)
Italy Italiana Borsa Olezzo (Stink Bag)

"You traded for a Stink Bag! Eww... It stinks!"

— In-Game Description

The Stink Bag is the third item of the trading sequence in Oracle of Ages. It is basically a bag that smells really bad.[1][2]

The Stink Bag can be obtained from ???, a mysterious hand that can be found within the Toilet of Lynna Village in the Past. Once approached inside the Toilet, ???, who appears as whitish-blue hand, asks Link for some paper.[3] Link can give him the Stationery that he got from the Postman,[4] which ??? greatly appreciates.[5] As thanks, ??? gives Link the Stink Bag in exchange.[6]

The Stink Bag can be used to acquire the fourth item in the trading sequence, the Tasty Meat. This trade occurs with the Tokay Chef, who can be found at the Tokay Cafe on Crescent Island. The Tokay Chef has to cook dinner for all the other Tokays, but his nose is all stuffed up.[7] If Link gives him the Stink Bag, the chef opens it up,[8] and is absolutely disgusted by the smell.[9][10] However, after realizing that the smell cleared his nose, the Tokay Chef asks to have the bag, offering Link the Tasty Meat in return.[10]



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