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Tokay Chef






The Tokay Chef is a minor character featured in Oracle of Ages.

The Tokay Chef can be found within the Tokay Cafe, where he is the owner and operator. As his name suggests, he is the resident chef on Crescent Island and is responsible for cooking food for all of his fellow Tokay.

Inside the Tokay Cafe

When Link first enters the Tokay Cafe and meets the Tokay Chef, he will find out that the Chef has a stuffed nose, making it impossible for him to smell the food that he has to cook. The Chef is concerned that if he tries to cook, the food will be terrible. During the Trading Sequence to acquire the Noble Sword, Link will get the Stink Bag from ???. Link can then give the Stink Bag to the Tokay Chef. This will cause the Chef to jump around the room because of the awful smell, but it will clear his sinuses. In exchange for giving him the Stink Bag, the Chef will then give Link the Tasty Meat, the Chefs specialty.

If Link tries speaking with the Chef after acquiring the Tasty Meat, he states that he is out of dinner fixings.