Crescent Island

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Crescent Island
Crescent Island in the Present.



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Crescent Island is a giant island located in both the Past and Present within Oracle of Ages.


Crescent Island is the home of the Tokay, reptilian-like creatures that inhabit the island. These creatures seem to exclusively live on Crescent Island and are unaware of civilization outside of their island. When Link first arrives after being shipwrecked, they don't quite know what Link is, given his different physical appearance is different than that of the Tokay.

The island gets its name from its geographical appearance in the Past. Water surrounds the island, but in past, due to the elevated water level, it fills in much of the western portion of the island as well. This creates a small bay where the land wraps around the water and creates a crescent moon shape.

Within the Bay, there is a small Peninsula that sticks out into the water. At the edge of this piece of land there is a one-eyed Tokay statue. This statue is especially important to the Tokay that inhabit the island and they refer to it as their guardian. This statue is eventually opened, which reveal an underground cavern leading to the Sea of No Return.

Crescent Island in the Past.

In the present, the water level has receded, causing the island to lose its crescent moon shape. The entire western half of Crescent Island, which previously consisted of water is now filled with trees and dense vegetation. The Tokay Guardian statue at the west part of Crescent Island still stands, but it will now have its mouth open and serves as the entrance to the third dungeon, the Moonlit Grotto.

At the north end of the island in the Past, there is a small area that is referred to as the tree nursery. It is believed that long ago a Scent Tree once stood in this nursery. Link can plant a Scent Seedling here in the Past, and when returning to this area in the Present, the seedling will have grown into a full blown Scent Tree. Link will be able to acquire Scent Seeds from here.

After Link has acquired the Mermaid Suit, he will be able to dive underneath the water surrounding Crescent Island. In the Past there is nothing of interest, but in the Present, an underwater waterway has been created. This winding pathway will eventually lead to a hidden underwater cavern. Inside, Link will find a Treasure Chest that contains a Piece of Heart.

In the Present on Crescent Island there are two Soft Soil locations where Link can plant Gasha Seeds. The first of which is found near the center of the island, while the second is found at the northeast corner where the Tokay Traders hut is found in the Past. This second location can only be reached if Link has the Mermaid Suit, or if he has the Harp of Ages with either the Tune of Currents or the Tune of Ages.

Tokay Cafe

Main article: Tokay Cafe

The Tokay Cafe can be found at the southeast corner of Crescent Island. Here Link will meet up with the Tokay Chef, who is a part of the Trading Sequence. Link can give him the Stink Bag to acquire the Tasty Meat.

Tokay Traders

Main article: Tokay Traders

The Tokay Traders can be found at the northeast corner of Crescent Island. It is here where Link will get his Roc's Feather and Power Bracelet back from the Tokay that looted him when he first arrived at the island. Link can trade his Shovel to get back either Roc's Feather or the Power Bracelet. Link will need to get his Seed Satchel back so that he can trade Mystery Seeds to permanently get back Roc's Feather. To reacquire the Power Bracelet, Link will first need to acquire and plant the Scent Seedling. After obtaining Scent Seeds, Link can trade them for the Power Bracelet.

Wild Tokay Museum

Main article: Wild Tokay Museum

The Wild Tokay Museum can be found in a small cave at the east end of Crescent Island. Its only purpose is to acknowledge the existence of the Wild Tokay mini-game in the Past.

Wild Tokay

Main article: Wild Tokay

The Wild Tokay is a mini-game that can be found in the Past. Link is required to play this game as he'll need to win the Scent Seedling. He needs to plant the Seedling so that he can acquire Scent Seeds, which he can than use to get his Power Bracelet back from the Tokay Traders. After acquiring the Scent Seedling, Link can play this mini-game to acquire Gasha Seeds, Magical Rings, and tons of Rupees.

Moonlit Grotto

Main article: Moonlit Grotto

The Moonlit Grotto is the dungeon that houses the third Essence of Time, the Echoing Howl. Link will acquire the Seed Shooter as the dungeon item and will use it to defeat the dungeon boss, the Shadow Hag.


Reaching Crescent Island

After completing the Wing Dungeon, Link will have to meet several new characters and acquire several items before he can set sail for Crescent Island. Link will need to acquire the Raft, which is made by Rafton. However, in order to do so Link will first need to obtain Cheval Rope from Cheval's Tomb, located within the Yoll Graveyard.

Link will need to travel to the Graveyard where he will meet up with Moosh. Using his unique flying ability Link will be able to make his way to Cheval's Tomb. Inside, Link will first acquire the Zora's Flippers, which will then enable him to get the Cheval Rope.

Link will also need to get the Island Chart, which is acquired from Tingle in the Forest of Time. Tingle cannot be reached because of the high cliffs and pits that block Link's path. However, Link will run into Ricky within the Forest of Time. After finding Ricky's Gloves, Link will be able to use Ricky to scale these cliffs and reach Tingle, where he will acquire the Island Chart.

With Cheval Rope and the Island Chart, Link can return to Rafton and set sail. Along his journey, Link gets caught up in a storm and is shipwrecked. When the hero awakens, he finds himself on Crescent Island.

On Crescent Island

Once Link arrives, he is surrounded by a group of Tokay. The Tokay will take all of Link's items and than scatter about throughout the island. Link will then need to travel throughout Crescent Island in both the Past and Present to track down all the Tokay and get back all of his items.

In the Past, Crescent Island has large seeds throughout the island. Link can push these seeds so that they are next to a large wall with an opening at the top. When returning to this location in the present, the seeds will have sprouted into large vines that Link can use to climb.

The Island is designed so that after Link gets back one of his items, he will gain access to a new area of the island. When he reaches the Tokay Traders hut at the northeast corner of Crescent Island, he will be able to trade his Shovel to get back his Power Bracelet or Roc's Feather. Using unique combinations of items, Link will be able to explore more of the island and acquire more items. Eventually, Link will get his Seed Satchel back, which allows him to get his Roc's Feather back. Later, he gets the Scent Seedling from the Wild Tokay mini-game, which allows him to acquire Scent Seeds and get his Power Bracelet back.

After acquiring all of his items back, Link will be able to journey to a warp portal at the west end of the island in the Past. After using the Harp of Ages, Link can warp to the Present, where he will then gain access to the third dungeon, the Moonlit Grotto. Here he will obtain the third Essence of Time, the Echoing Howl.

Leaving Crescent Island

After completing the Moonlit Grotto, Link will meet up with the third and final animal companion, Dimitri. He washes ashore and the nearby Tokay mistake him for a giant fish and are planning on eating him. Link will come to Dimitri's rescue, trading the Tokay some Ember Seeds in exchange for the fish.

Once Link has saved Dimitri, he can use him to ride along the sea and return to the mainland of Labrynna.

Returning to Crescent Island

Once Link has acquired the Mermaid Suit or if he has Dimitri as a companion, he can return to Crescent Island at anytime. Alternatively, once Link has acquired Gale Seeds, he can warp over to the Scent Tree at the northeast corner of the island in the Present.

Late in the game after Link has completed Jabu-Jabu's Belly, he will travel to the Sea of Storms and acquire the Tokay Eyeball. Link will then return to Crescent Island in the Past and insert the Tokay Eyeball into the empty eye socket of the Tokay Statue. This statue is the same location in the Past as where the Moonlit Grotto is in the present.

Traveling through this underground cavern, Link will find himself at the Sea of No Return, which leads to the Ancient Tomb.