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Magic Container

The Magic Container only appears in The Adventure of Link. It expands Link's Magic Meter by one. There are four of them throughout Hyrule, giving Link a maximum of eight containers.[1]

Failing to collect the Magic Containers not only makes Link's quest more difficult, but eventually impossible. Starting with the Fire Spell and extending to each subsequent spell, Link will not be allowed to learn the magic taught by the Wise Men of Eastern Hyrule without the requisite number of Magic Containers.

Magic Container #1

AOL MC1 Location.png

Required items: None.

Location: Cave south of the North Palace

Enter the cave south of the North Palace. Battle the Lowder and Octoroks inside and claim the Magic Container at the end of the cave. If Link has not obtained the Candle from the Parapa Palace, fighting the monsters will be much more difficult in the dark.

Magic Container #2

AOL MC2 Location.png

Required items: Hammer

Location: Beneath a boulder in Death Mountain directly west of the cave where the Hammer is acquired.

After battling through Death Mountain and obtaining the Hammer, Link can smash the boulder directly west of the cave where the item is acquired. Link will fall into a pit and find the Magic Container at the bottom of the hole.

Magic Container #3

AOL MC3 Location.png

Required items: None.

Location: In a secret passage on Maze Island.

Upon reaching Maze Island, exploring the southwestern paths will reveal a secret pit. Inside, Link finds the third Magic Container.

Magic Container #4

AOL MC4 Location.png

Required items: Hammer, Magic Containers #1, #2 and #3.

Location: Inside a house in the Hidden Town of Kasuto.

Link finds the final Magic Container in the Hidden Town of Kasuto. After using the Hammer to uncover the hidden village, Link meets an old woman outside one of the houses. If Link has collected the other three Magic Containers, she will invite him inside where he will find the fourth. If Link has failed to do so, he will be turned away until the items have been obtained.


  1. "The containers for MAGIC points increase by one and are restored. Points increase by a maximum of 16.", The Adventure of Link Game Manual