Fire Spell

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Fire Spell
Artwork of a Fireball Link can shoot with the Fire Spell




Allows Link to shoot fireballs from his Sword

The Fire Spell is one of eight spells found in The Adventure of Link. This spell gives Link the temporary power to shoot fireballs from his sword. Although this spell is not necessary to complete the game, it is needed to defeat Basilisks and Tektites.

Obtaining the Spell

The spell is found in the town of Nabooru. After giving a Thirsty Lady in the village water from a nearby fountain, she will allow Link to come into her house. Once Link enters the basement of the house, he will meet one of the Wise Men. The Wise Man will give Link the Fire Spell.

Spell Cost

Link's Magic Level determines how much the spell costs.

Magic Level Spell Cost Magic Container Cost
1 120 7.5
2 80 5
3 60 3.75
4 30 1.875
5 16 1
6 16 1
7 16 1
8 16 1