Town of Nabooru

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Nabooru is the first town Link encounters in The Adventure of Link after using the Raft to reach Eastern Hyrule. Link can acquire the Fire Spell here by one of the Wise Men here after giving water from a fountain in town to a young lady who is thirsty. After, she will allow Link to enter her house to meet the Wise Man of the town to be given the Fire Spell.[1]

Here, Link will also gain information about the River Devil,[2] the solution to navigating the Maze Island Palace,[3] the purpose of the magic Boots,[4] and the whereabouts of the third Heart Container.[5]

Notable Inhabitants

Obtainable Items


Main article: Water

In order to gain access to the Wise Man, Link must help the girl minding the door quench her thirst. Fortunately, a fountain lies directly west from which Link can draw a bit of water.

Fire Spell

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Successful in running a seemingly inconsequential errand by collecting water from the fountain, the appreciative girl invites Link inside. In the basement, Link meets the fifth Wise Man of his journey, who teaches him the Fire spell. If for some reason, Link has not collected one of the hidden Magic Containers in the course of his quest, the Wise Man will turn him away, suggesting that he become more powerful.[6]



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