Graveyard (The Adventure of Link)

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The Graveyard in The Adventure of Link is located near the Harbor Town of Mido, east of Death Mountain, and very near the third dungeon of the game, the Island Palace. In the center of the graveyard lies the King of Hyrule peacefully buried. If Link walks directly south from the King's Tomb, as Error of Ruto instructed, he will fall into a cave leading to the Island Palace.[1]

Link can find a Link Doll near the Graveyard along the beach in the southwest. To the west of the Graveyard, Link will find a bridge leading to Death Mountain. Immediately to the southwest of the King's Tomb is a small area that contains a red Magic Potion and a few Bots and Goriya.

Wandering through the Graveyard can be hazardous, as it is swarming with experience-stealing Moa and axe-hurling Daira.




Secret Cave to Island Palace

Obtainable Items


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