Maze Island (The Adventure of Link)

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Maze Island is a large landmass in the far northeastern corner of Eastern Hyrule and serves as home to the fourth Dungeon, Maze Island Palace. The paths on the island are the familiar yellow of safe trails so Link will not be swarmed by enemies; however, there are a number of ambush sites where a variety of monsters attempt to block his advance. Tektites and Basilisks make up the majority of the monsters on the island, so taking time to acquire the Fire Spell in Nabooru is advised.

Here, Link also tracks down the Kidnapped Child after receiving information from a worried mother in Darunia.[1] Searching along the western trails of the island also turns up a Magic Container.


Obtainable Items


  1. "RESCUE THE KIDNAPPED CHILD ON THE ISLAND" — Kidnapped Child's Mother, The Adventure of Link.