Water Town of Saria

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The Water Town of Saria is a location from The Adventure of Link. It is located in Western Hyrule south of Ruto and serves as the portal to Death Mountain. After helping a girl find her lost Mirror, Link receives the Life Spell. Unlike the first few towns, Saria is infested with the Eyes of Ganon, seemingly normal villagers that transform into monsters after conversing with them[1].

Initially, it appears that the path to Death Mountain is blocked by River Man[2]. After locating the elusive Bagu in the woods North of River[3] and receiving the appropriate credentials[4], River Man opens the bridge to Death Mountain where the Hammer located[5].

Notable Inhabitants

Obtainable Items


Main article: Mirror (The Adventure of Link)

In order to gain access to the Wise Man of Saria, Link must complete a much more trivial task than in Ruto. A young lady has lost her mirror and it is up to Link to find it. He will find the missing item under the table in an unoccupied house.

Life Spell

Once Link returns the missing mirror to the young woman, he is given the access to the Wise Man and learns the invaluable Life Spell.



A cross-game reference in Saria's graveyard to Loto, the hero of the early Dragon Quest games, was removed in the American Localization [6]


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