Wise Men

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This article is about the characters in The Adventure of Link. For the participants in the Imprisoning War, see Seven Wise Men.
Wise Men

The Wise Men are a group of eight Hylians encountered in The Adventure of Link.

The Adventure of Link

One can be found in each of the Towns in Hyrule and each will teach Link a spell.[1] With the exception of the Wise Man of Rauru, Link must complete some sort of task or side quest to gain access.

Beginning with the Wise Man of Nabooru, Link must have collected a minimum number of Magic Containers to be taught a spell. Should Link have failed to find enough containers, he is not able to learn the new magic and completing his quest becomes impossible.


Town Spell Received Sidequest to gain access Required Magic Containers
Rauru Shield None 4
Ruto Jump Retrieve the stolen Trophy from the cave in the Tantari Desert 4
Saria Life Find the young woman's Mirror 4
Mido Fairy Find the Water of Life to cure a mother's sick child 4
Nabooru Fire Find Water for a thirsty woman 5
Darunia Reflect Save the Kidnapped Child from the Lizalfos on Maze Island 6
Hidden Town of Kasuto Spell Collect three Magic Containers 7
Kasuto Thunder Collect four Magic Containers 8



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