Thunder Spell

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Thunder Spell



Old Kasuto


Defeats many enemies instantly, and is required to defeat Thunderbird


The Thunder Spell is one of eight spells featured in The Adventure of Link.

When used, Thunder will strike any enemy in view with the strength of two level 8 Sword attacks, instantly destroying all but the hardiest enemies. Bosses and a handful of enemies found in the Great Palace including Bubbles, Boss Bots, King Bubbles, and Orange Ra remain unaffected. Thunder is required to defeat Thunderbird, the penultimate enemy in the Great Palace. Thunder reveals the foe's face, making it vulnerable to direct attack.

Obtaining the Spell

This spell is obtainable in destroyed town of Old Kasuto, which is now infested with invisible Purple Moas only made visible by the Cross. One of the eight Wise Men is found inside the first ruined building. Unless Link has obtained all four Magic Containers, the Wise Man will not give the Thunder Spell to him.

Spell Cost

Link's Magic Level determines how much the spell costs.

Magic Level Spell Cost Magic Container Cost
1 120 7.5
2 120 7.5
3 120 7.5
4 120 7.5
5 120 7.5
6 120 7.5
7 100 6.25
8 64 4