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Magic Jars are recurring pick-up items in The Legend of Zelda series. Their use is to restore magic power to Link's Magic Meter. Magic Jars appear in every game that has a magic meter.

The Adventure of Link

In The Adventure of Link, there are two types of Magic Jars: Blue and Red, and are dropped by enemies at precise intervals in lieu of experience points. They are also hidden throughout the Overworld, in caves, and in Palaces. Some enemies never drop Magic Jars.

Blue Magic Jar

Blue jars recover one of Link's Magic Containers and are dropped after defeating six lesser enemies. About one time in ten, an enemy will drop a Point Bag worth 50 experience instead.

Red Magic Jar

Red jars completely recover Link's empty magic containers. Each sixth greater enemy Link defeats has about a one in two chance to drop a Red Magic potion or a 200 experience Point Bag.

Drop Table

Drops Enemies
Blue Magic Jar Ache (Blue), Acheman, Bago-Bago, Bago-Bago (Red), Bit, Bot, Deeler (Red), Deeler (Blue), Geldarm, Girubokku, Goriya (Orange), Goriya (Red), Goriya (Blue), Leever, Lowder, Megmat, Moa (Red), Moa (Blue), Moblin (Orange Charging), Moblin (Orange), Moblin (Red), Moblin (Blue), Myu, Octorok (Red), Octorok (Blue), Ra (Orange), Rope (Blue), Rope (Red)
Red Magic Jar Armored Stalfos (Red), Armored Stalfos (Blue), Basilisk, Daira (Orange), Daira (Red), Doomknocker, Iron Knuckle (Oranage), Iron Knuckle (Red), Lizalfos (Orange), Mago, Moa (Fire), Stalfos (Red), Stalfos (Blue), Tektite, Wizard
Drops Nothing Ache(Purple), Bubble, Bubble (Great Palace), Fokka (Red), Fokka (Blue), Fokkeru, Boss Bot, Iron Knuckle (Blue), King Bubble, Lizalfos (Red), Lizalfos (Rock-Throwing), Lizalfos (Blue), Mau, Moa(Purple), Moby, Ra (Blue), Wosu

A Link to the Past

Similar to The Adventure of Link, there are two types of Magic Jars in A Link to the Past. The small Magic Jars will fill up a small portion of the Magic Meter, whereas the large jars will fill up a significant portion of the magic meter.

"Magic Potion
Link can increase or restore his Magic Power by finding Potion Bottles. Certain enemies are most likely to give up Potion Bottles when destroyed. For example, if Link freezes a Snap Dragon and then uses the Magic Hammer to destroy it, a Potion Bottle may appear.

"A small Potion Bottle restores a bit of Link's Magic Meter, but a large Bottle completely refills it. Potion will oftentimes appear by hammering a frozen enemy."

A Link to the Past Nintendo Player's Guide, p150 (captions)

Ocarina of Time

In Ocarina of Time, the Magic Jars are nearly identical to those found in A Link to the Past. Small jars will fill up a limited amount of magic, whereas large jars will fill up more of Link's Magic Meter. They are often found by breaking pots and cutting down grass.

Majora's Mask

In Majora's Mask, Magic Jars appear almost identical to their appearance in Ocarina of Time. Link will also find large green jars that signify there is a large Magic Jar inside. Majora's Mask also introduces new enemies in the form of Green Chuchu, who are first encountered in Termina Field. They have a Magic Jar on their inside that is visible. When Link defeats a Green Chuchu, he can acquire the Magic Jar to refill his magic.

The Wind Waker

The Wind Waker has similar Magic Jars as Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, with both small and large variants. Link can find magic beneath pots and by cutting down grass. When Link defeats some large enemies, such as Moblins or Darknuts, they often leave behind a Treasure Sphere, which can be broken up to find Spoils, Hearts, Bombs, Arrows, and Magic Jars.