Worn-Out Glove

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Worn-Out Glove
Worn-Out Glove - AST.png
Worn-out glove sprite from Ancient Stone Tablets




Allows the Hero of Light to lift large objects once per screen transition


The Worn-Out Glove is an item from Ancient Stone Tablets.

Ancient Stone Tablets

The worn-out glove is obtained from a chest in Link's House when the Hero of Light begins Week 3. While it works like the Power Glove in allowing the hero to lift boulders, it can only do so once per screen transition, akin to the Blue Candle's limits in The Legend of Zelda.

It is necessary to enter Level 5, situated in the Great Swamp where the Swamp Ruins formerly were. The Power Glove is located inside, and supersedes the worn-out glove once obtained.