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Fire Rod
Artwork from A Link Between Worlds



A Link to the Past
Skull Woods
A Link Between Worlds
Ravio's Shop


A Link Between Worlds
100 Rupees
1,200 Rupees


Burning enemies
Lighting torches
Melting ice


The Fire Rod is a recurring item in The Legend of Zelda series.

A Link to the Past

The Fire Rod is obtained in a Treasure Chest in the Skull Woods.[1] This rod spits out a ball of fire that sears most enemies to a crisp.[2] Some enemies like Gibdos are especially vulnerable to fire, so use the Fire Rod wisely.[3] The Fire Rod can also be used like the Lamp to light torches, but from a distance only. It is needed to enter the main part of the Skull Woods dungeon.[4] This item is also used for defeating Trinexx in Turtle Rock.

Four Swords Adventures

The Fire Rod in Four Swords Adventures functions in a similar fashion to its other incarnations. If the item button is held down, the Fire Rod acts as a flamethrower, shooting a continuous stream of fire. Once upgraded to level two at a Fairy Fountain, the Fire Rod gains the powers of the Cane of Somaria, as seen in A Link to the Past, creating blocks that can be used to depress switches. The upgraded Fire Rod can also create platforms in specific locations marked by a question mark. Shadow Link even uses the weapon against Link in certain encounters.

A Link Between Worlds

In A Link Between Worlds, Link can rent the Fire Rod for 100 Rupees along with other items after Ravio's Shop opens. However, once Ravio lets him purchase items, the Fire Rod costs 1,200 Rupees to purchase it. Once Link has bought it, he can upgrade it to the Nice Fire Rod after finding ten lost Maiamais and giving them to Mother Maiamai.

Unlike previous games, when Link uses the Fire Rod, it unleashes a pillar of flame that travels across the ground and disappears shortly afterwards, depleting the Energy Gauge. As a result of traveling across the ground, if Link uses the Fire Rod on top of grates, the fireball will go through the grate and be on the lower floors of the dungeon. Being used to defeat ice-based enemies such as Ice Gimos and Ice Bubbles, the Fire Rod is also used in order to melt ice such as the ice layer surrounding Dharkstare and ice stalagmites. Like the Lamp, it can light torches, but Link can light them at a farther distance than the Lamp. Similarly to the Skull Woods in A Link to the Past, the Fire Rod is needed in order to enter the Ice Ruins in Lorule.

Breath of the Wild

See also: Meteor Rod
Fire Rod icon from Breath of the Wild

The Fire Rod in Breath of the Wild can be found on Fire Wizzrobes all over Hyrule. Although it only has a base power of 5, it can shoot rather large fireballs which can light objects on fire, such as grass or leaves. It can be used as an offensive tool, or one for solving puzzles, such as in the Sah Dahaj Shrine.

These rods, like all rods dropped by Wizzrobes, are non-metallic and cannot attract lightning. It is the second weapon which needs to be shown to Nebb in the The Weapon Connoisseur side quest.

Age of Calamity

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Non-Canon Appearances

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Cadence of Hyrule

Fire Rod sprite from Cadence of Hyrule

The Fire Rod is an optional permanent item in Cadence of Hyrule. It can be used to burn stumps and enemies, light torches, and melt ice, using stamina to do so. In the Temple of Brainstorms, it can also charge moveable sconces with fire and open doors with a fire symbol on them. The fireball the Fire Rod shoots stops upon hitting enemies or tall objects.



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