One-Hit Obliterator

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One-Hit Obliterator




Ability to defeat foes in one hit

Base Power

- Requires a brief recharging after 2 hits

Base Durability

3 (unlimited during EX The Champions' Ballad)


"A weapon that defeats foes with one hit and causes the user to die within one hit. It loses its sheen and power after two consecutive uses, but it will eventually regain both."

Breath of the Wild In-Game Description

The One-Hit Obliterator is a melee weapon found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The One-Hit Obliterator is able to defeat enemies with one blow, however Link will also be killed instantly if an enemy attacks him whilst this item is equipped. It is obtained as a part of the second DLC expansion for the game: The Champions' Ballad, in the Shrine of Resurrection, after completing the Free the Divine Beasts Main Quest and accepting Monk Maz Koshia's quest on the Great Plateau.

The Obliterator can only be used in the One-Hit Obliterator Trial section of 'The Champions' Ballad'. While undergoing the trial, no other melee weapon other than the Obliterator can be equipped. The Obliterator cannot be used after clearing the first four Great Plateau shrines, as its power activates the regional quests associated to 'The Champions' Ballad', and it's henceforth placed, depleted and inert, at its resting receptacle at the Shrine of Resurrection.


  • Each one of the four prongs in the Obliterator's blade depicts the heads of each of the four Divine Beasts:
  • Once one completes The Champions' Ballad, teleporting to Vah Ruta and immediately looking up will make the Obliterator fall from the sky after 30 seconds. If one tries to grab it, the prompt will read "It has fulfilled its duty, It slumbers peacefully..."
  • The Obliterator is simultaneously the most powerful and most limited weapon in the game. It shares similar unbreakability properties as the Master Sword and depletion properties as both the Master Sword and also elemental weapons. It also has no weapon bonuses or modifiers.