Shrine of Resurrection

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Shrine of Resurrection
Link awakening within the Shrine





The Shrine of Resurrection is a location in Breath of the Wild.


At the very start of the quest, Link is awakened by a mysterious voice. Link is found wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and it is learned that he has been asleep at this Shrine for 100 years. The guiding voice brings Link to a nearby Guidance Stone where he will acquire the Sheikah Slate. After acquiring the item, a nearby door opens which leads to a pair of Treasure Chests, one containing an Old Shirt and another containing the Well-Worn Trousers. This is the initial clothing that Link will wear on his quest.

A second Guidance Stone can be found here and if Link places the Sheikah Slate, the large door opens, allowing sunlight to shine into the Shrine. Link can climb his way out of the Shrine, which leads to the Great Plateau.

Champions' Ballad

After completing the four Divine Beasts, Link can return to the Shrine of Resurrection to unlock the The Champions' Ballad DLC. Here Link will acquire the One-Hit Obliterator. The weapon will be used to face off with enemies throughout the Great Plateau to unearth four additional Shrines. Later, after completing all the additional Shrines, Link will return to the Shrine of Resurrection and place the Sheikah Slate back into the pedestal. This will lower the Shrine of Resurrection down below where Link can challenge the Final Trial.


The Shrine of Resurrection can be found right near the center of the Great Plateau. The Shrine serves as a quick warp location for Link later in the quest.


These are the items Link collects within the Shrine of Resurrection.