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Dako Tah Shrine






Dako Tah Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


Shrine Quest: The Eye of the Sandstorm

Nobiro can be found on the west side of Kara Kara Bazaar, on a slightly elevated platform. He sleeps at night, though. Talk to him to get the shrine quest. Find the shrine by heading north to the Great Cliffs to complete the shrine quest.

Electric Path

Head down the hallway, killing the Guardian Scout I. Soon you'll see green electricity on the wall next to a moving platform.

Ride the platform across and grab the cube with Magnesis. Now ride the platform back again, but the trick is it will only move if you hold the cube against the power strip on the wall with Magnesis.

Now take the cube up the ramp to the lightbulb. When charged, the lightbulb powers the platform. Ride it to the top, but don't forget to open the chest halfway up.

At the top, throw the cube on the metal below, instantly killing two more Guardian Scouts. Sweet. Make sure to get it off the metal yourself though before you drop down.

Open the chest here, and push the big metal block on the wall out of your way. Head down this path (leave the cube for now) and down the ramp and around the corner is a shock switch.

Hit it, and a platform will start to move nearby. Ride it down for a chest, then ride it back up, grab your electric cube, and move to the platform heading upwards.

At the top, drop the cube onto the charger to activate yet another moving platform. When riding this one, push the metal block away from you with Magnesis, but once you pass it safely, pull it back to where it started again to reveal the last chest. Jump to it when you get the chance and open it while the platform moves away towards the metal block. Wait for the platform to return, then jump to and ride it to the altar for a Spirit Orb.